The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 18

Day 18 / 269 Days Until I Ship

Today's episodes were "Ex Deus Machina" thru "Collateral Damage."

"Ex Deus Machina" was an episode I kinda loved. I mean, Ba'al is, well such a cool evil guy that it's hard not to admire him for his resourcefulness - and, plus, that accent? Very hot. Which probably speaks to a deep-seated mental instability I never knew I had before this.

"Prototype" - as evidenced by the drabble I posted today - is another episode I really sorta loved. I mean, you got to love how the idea of a perfect goa'uld host goes all the way back to S1, and here is Anubis, doing his own part in it. Plus, Khalek was a pretty cool bad guy with a hot accent too, so... yeah. Issues.

"The Fourth Horseman" I also quite liked, though for less obvious reasons. It was cool, it was good, and it proved that the Tau'ri aren't invicible and that the Priors are kinda bad-ass.

But then there was "Babylon," which was utterly awful, and "Collateral Damage," which was almost exactly like a VOY episode I can't remember the name of at the moment and served as nothing more as an excuse to flesh out Cam's character.

But I have come to two decisions about S9, based on these episodes. 1) That I like it a lot better now that Vala's gone, for the moment, and 2) It's easier to enjoy the series if you don't take Cam seriously. If you think of Cam as just a boy playing at being a soldier, who inexplicably feels that the actions of SG1 over the years transfer the BAMF-ness onto him, despite the fact he's not earned it, than it's a lot easier to enjoy the series.

Other random thoughts include: 3) "Babylon" uses the exact same set as the villiage from "Epiphany." Right down the the set dressing in some scenes, which just strikes me as laziness of the worst sort. 4) The Sodan annoy me. 5) Orlin is, amazingly enough, less creepy as a preteen. Go figure. 6) The more I rewatch SG1, the more I like Woolsey this time around. Sure, when I first watched the series I thought he was more or less a well-intentioned baddie, but, the more I watch, the more I think Woolsey's one of the very few guys who has Earth's best interests at heart the whole time.

Didn't start a new puzzle today, but have been trying (and failing) to work on "Legati." My lack of progress on this front only serves to annoy me. The parents also want me to go up to the Mountain House again on Thursday for a couple of days, which is annoying 'cause it's a 4 hour drive and I was just there, but it's what they want. At least this time, with my brother now on his trip, I won't have to sleep in the garage again. Which, yes, was what I got to do on Friday night: sleep in the garage, in a sleeping bag, on an old couch, with the garage door open. Granted, it wasn't that bad and, yes, my bedroom was a closet for a couple years, but still. Garage. *Shakes Head*

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The ST ep you're trying to remember is from TNG - A Matter of Perspective (S3 Ep 14) and yeah, they totally ripped it off. I must say that I really liked Cam and Vala though. Especially once they let Vala be something other than the twit from the tramp dimension. I think Cam was a great fit, except...

Why, oh WHY, couldn't they have laid in some back story for him? I mean, seriously, are we really to believe they'd had no warning that RDA was planning on stepping back and that they'd need a new O'Neill-esque character? They could have brought him in with a few guest spots early on, then given us his near-death in Antarctica/recovery thing as background, which would have WAY ramped up the impact of that fight, plus then Cam wouldn't have seemed to us like such an interloper. I realize that they might not have been able to do that with Ben Browder but they really should have done it with someone we already knew, not just thrown someone in and said, "Oh, we've known him for forever. Really, trust us, you'll like him."
No, there was a VOY episode too. "Ex Post Facto," S1, Ep8.

I totally agree with you on the Cam-angle though. RDA was starting to take a step back from the show as early as S6. They could've at least taken someone with backstory to bring the the foreground - someone from "Proving Ground," maybe, or even brought back Jonas. IDK.