untitled drabble #25

Title: untilted drabble #25
Rating: PG
Words: 1176
Pairing/Charecter(s): Anceint!John, Thor, Lorne; background John/Rodney
Warnings/Spoliers: this takes place between parts 7 & 8 of "Legati" in Ancient!John 'verse, with spoilers for "The Lost Tribe," and great liberties taken with Thor's background.
Disclaimer: Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine.
Summary: It's the day for finding 10,000 year old lost ships. No, really, it is.
Notes:  I should probably start naming these things. I also should probably just start deleting the chappies I start but can't turn into full chapters instead of posting them as drabbles, but... yeah. I can always find a way to work in The Brothers Karamzov.
Oh, and there is a metric fucktonne of Norse myth references in this, so just wikipedia it if you're curious, 'case it's a lot to post here.


An Ancient!John Drabble

"I understand solidarity in sin among men. I understand solidarity in retribution, too; but there can be no such solidarity with children. And if it is really true that they must share responsibility for all their fathers' crimes, such a truth is not of this world and is beyond my comprehension."

Frodor Dotoevski The Brothers Karamazov

Lorne is standing in front of the captain's chair, hands resting non-threateningly on the heel of his P90, when Iohannes beams onto the bridge of the Muspelheim. He's got that sort of look on his face that says I'm trying my best to be patient, but I'm not above shooting things if you don't stop this bullshit right now, and so it's probably understandable that the Major's first words to him after he fully materializes are, "Thank God."

"Not God, Major, just modern medicine. Or what you lot call modern medicine. So what's the situation?"

Lorne doesn't even roll his eyes at either comment. He just sort of shakes his head and says, "Approximately three hours ago, an unknown ship appeared in orbit. It refused to identify itself, so we raised the shield. Shortly thereafter, the Muspelheim fired upon and destroyed the unknown ship."

"Okay then," Iohannes drawls as he joins him in front of Thor's chair. "So what's the problem?"

"The problem, sir, is that Thor immediately demanded to speak with you, and, when he couldn't, immediately recalled Heimdall and Sigyn from Atlantis. So Doctor Weir asked me up here to do what I could to avoid an intergalactic incident."

"And it seems to be going so well too."

Dryly, "We all can't have your brilliant negotiation skills, sir."

Iohannes just beams at him. "I knew there was a reason you were my third-favourite nephew."

Drier still, "Third, sir?"

"It's nothing against you, Lorne. I've just known the other two longer. 'Sides, it still puts you well into the top one percent, so..." He glances at Thor, who's blinking in that slow way Asgard have when they've got something noisome to discuss. "What's the deal, buddy?"

Thor gives another slow blink before asking, "Are you certain you wish to discuss this in front of the Earthling?"

"I'm only going to tell them everything anyway when I get back to Atlantis, so might as well."

"Are you certain?" the Asgard says with unusual consideration. "I only reiterate out of deference to your personal connection to the matter at hand, as well as your hegemony over this world."

"What personal connection? For that matter, what hegemony?"

"I speak of course regarding your status as protector of this world and the humans upon it, as in accordance with Subsection Twelve of-"

"Of the Alliance Treaty. Right. Huh." He ponders this for a moment. Sure, Matertera Catalina had seen to it that this and other things of historical irrelevance were drilled into his head before she Ascended, but he'd never actually had use for any of it before now. "I didn't think we were bothering with that any more, what with the Alliance just being you, me, and whatever other Asgard are left. But sure, if that's what you want to call it, why not? It's not like it means anything I'm not already doing.

"It's the personal connection part that I don't get, though. I'd never even seen an Asgard ship until yours appeared in orbit, let alone had any dealings with any. "

"Are you familiar with the fate of the Brísingamen?"

"Yeah," Iohannes shrugs, not getting the connection. "It was an Asgard transport vessel," he clarifies for Lorne, "that was stolen from Terran airspace back when Atlantis was still in Avalon by rogue members of their Science Council."

"Someone managed to steal an Asgard ship?" Lorne asks, clearly not buying the idea. It's kind of amusing in it's own way. It's also exactly what he'd been trying to point out to Elizabeta just minutes ago. It's impossible to be equals with those who think them infallible.

But still. "If it makes you feel any better, they were a group of rebel Asgard."

"Indeed. The Vanir, as they called themselves, was a rogue fraction of our Science Council who sought to solve our cloning problem by any means necessary."

A flicker of understanding comes into the Terran's eyes. "Like Loki?"

"Indeed. However, Loki's methods, while abhorrent, were far less iniquitous than the atrocities perpetrated by the Vanir against the humans of the Milky Way."

Iohannes doesn't bother asking about whatever crimes against humanity this particular Asgard might have inflicted upon the Avalonian descendants. He can easily imagine and, even if he couldn't, doesn't need any more fodder for his nightmares to guess their outcome. "I take it by your use of past tense your lot got control of them while I was asleep?"

"Yes. As a matter of fact, it was my capture of the Vanir leader Fenrir in our last engagement against the Vanir that was largely responsible for my rise to my current rank following the death of Supreme Commander Wotan. However, it is possible that not all the Vanir were captured at that time, as several of their vessels were never fully accounted for."

"I'm also guessing you think that the ship that attacked Atlantis was the Brísingamen."


"Well, here's a question: Why? I mean, even if it was the Brísingamen and there were Vanir on it, what would they want with Atlantis? Better yet, how would they even know she was here? All the urbes-naves were still in Avalon when she was stolen."

"As to how the Vanir found Atlantis, I cannot say, but it is likely that they retreated to Pegasus to hide from the Asgard fleet, not knowing that the Ancients had removed themselves here to escape the plague that was ravaging your civilization. But, as far as their purpose for coming here, I believe I've adequately determined their reasons."

"Really?" Iohannes asks, trying for polite and getting I don't have time for this bullshit instead. He's starting to get the feeling that Thor didn't really want to tell him, not for anything dark or sinister, but rather because he thinks Iohannes might be better off not knowing. It's the sort of thing 'Lantis does to him all the time, and he can't help but wonder what she might've been saying to the Supreme Commander behind his back. "How?"

"I beamed the crew off the Brísingamen before destroying it."

That would do it. "Go on."

"They spoke of a device built by the Ancients, which they had recently discovered and now for which they sought the key. A device which, when activated, would lead to the destruction of the Wraith once and for all."

"Yeah, we built a lot of those," Iohannes snorts. "You'll notice that none of them actually worked."

"This one, they claim, did. It was never utilized because it would have resulted in the destruction of the Stargate system as well as significant loss of human life in this galaxy. I believe they called it The Attero Device."

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Dun dun dun I just love fics dealing with the rogue Asgard; tying in the Attero Device should be interesting, too. Yay for another installment!
I love the rogue!Asgard too. I mean... cute and evil. It's like... well, I don't know what it's like, but I do coo "evil Asgard" everytime I think about it, so... I've issues.
I thought it was the rogue Asgards! I love the twists this 'verse is taking - we were introduced to the rogue Asgard in Pegasus a lot sooner :P At least this time it didn't result in Rodney being kidnapped? Though I do wonder how this John would react. I also understand John's point about being equals and why they kind of aren't. Really, the Asgards and Ancients were just like humans and the SGC - just more scientifically advanced.
Very, very true.

And applause for guessing right. A large part of me wanted to call "Legati" Sins of the Father instead, but that didn't fit my naming scheme, so it's my private subtitle instead.

And as to John's reaction... well, I've a couple different ones running through my mind. I just have to write them out and see which works best.

I think I've figured it out. I just have to get back home, to my own computer, so I can write it.

As it is, I've stolen one of my mom's comps to do this with. And the keyboard is funky, to say the least.