The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 17

Day 17 / 272 Days Until I Ship

Today's episodes were "Avalon" thru "Beachead."

God, I miss the goa'uld. And the Replicators.

I know that's strange to say, but, seriously, they destroy one race of false gods and then are confronted with another, only worse. I mean, SGA at least got space vampires, which is on the more original end of the spectrum of things. And the Lucian Alliance? Stupid beyond all belief. But whatever. I vowed to rewatch the entire series, so, no matter how much I want to, I will not skip ahead to SGA. I will not. I won't.

The really strange thing to say is that, throughtout all of this, I kept of being flooded with thoughts of what Ancient!John would make of all of this. Largely this involves yelling at Daniel for being so stupid (which was my first instinct the first time I watched this) and for not knowing better, which he should of, having been Ascended. Twice.

Thus only the handful of episodes today, despite the fact that I've been bored to tears.

My thoughts for this season so far are largely random, adding up to: 1) It's been 5 episodes and already I've had enough fo the Vala whump. She's an unlikable character they're trying to make likable thru whump. It just doesn't work. 2) The Jaffa have just defeated their false gods. I don't think they'd be so gullible as to fall for others so soon. But what do I know? 3) Cam is just annoying. His character is just enough like Criton on Farscape to throw me for a loop, which somewhat diminishes from the story. 4) The Ori could have been a good storyline, if S9 wasn't plagued by so many new actors. Where's the continuity? 5) Nerus has a point. The galaxy at this point is what SG1 has made it. They need to man up and take responsibility for it. 6) It's amazed religious fanatics never got this show cancelled. Though the sudden hinting about the Judeo-Christian god in the episodes might be responsible for that. 7) S9 just makes me pissed at the Ascended!Ancients. I'm starting to think this is latently responsible for Ancient!John's hatred of them in said 'verse.

I did finish my puzzle today, though.

I also have to go up to the Mountian house tomorrow, as I have to take my brother to the airport on saturday, so there will be no rewatch tomorrow and possibly not saturday either. With luck, this break will allow me to regain my mental strength to endure the rest of S9. - Though I would like to add that the size of my parents' new house and my brother's summer break means I get to sleep on a couch in the garage while I'm up there.

Le Sigh.

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I honestly do like it - up until S9. And then things just go schizo, like it's trying to be a whole new show, but isn't quite succeeding...

IDK. There are parts that I like. But the parts that I don't just stick out so much more. And I think that, if I'd never seen Farscape, I'd not mind Cam so much. It's just... the failing of a long-running show. Actors age, retire. Storylines get reused....

It's like ER. The first few seasons have (semi)realistic disasters for them to deal with. And then, towards the end, everyone from the begining is long gone/dead/etc and they're having to drop helicopters off the roof and drive tanks up to the front door to keep things "interesting" and "fresh".
Mm. I've long been nervous about my reaction toward Cam. First because I feel like I'll resent him for replacing Jack, and now because I've seen Farscape. But we'll see~

Oh, wow. ER really did that? Wow. That seems like overkill.
Yes, there were helicopters crashing and stolen tanks on ER. It gives new meaning to "jumping the shark."

I don't mean to prejustice you against Cam. It's just... if his personality were slightly different, it wouldn't feel like he were replacing Jack, but it's not, so it does.
Eh, well. Enough time will pass between now and when I (finally) reach the part where Cam is introduced, so I may have forgotten all of this by then. I'm not too worried about it~
I've almost caught up to Gateworld's own massive Stargate Rewatch. They're on month ten of theirs. I, obviously, am barely a fortnight in.

My life is sad.

But how are things with you, other than the slow SG1 watching?
I wish I could watch shows that fast! The only way I get through shows fast is if I watch them with someone - which is why I'm watching several shows with various friends.

My life could be better. We found out we have to move, and we have to do so quickly. We have a plan to stay with a family friend until we find our own place, but until then it's all been packing and stressing over where we're going to live and so on. Plus I pulled a muscle in my side pretty badly, which makes moving Not Fun.

Other than that, I'm doing okay.
Thanks. We found out today the necessity of moving isn't quite as urgent as first thought, so I suppose that's something.