The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 16

Day 16 / 273 Days Until I Ship

Today's episodes were "Gemini" thru "Mobius."

I'm stopping while I'm ahead today, mostly because I don't want the horror that is S9 to interfere with my love of today's crop of episodes.

"Gemini" is an episode I love because it introduces Replicator!Carter, who I find an interesting and intriguing character. It's one of those situations that show you how, if things had gone a bit differently, she had the potential for great evil. The original Replicators were mindless mechanical "viruses," with no thought but to consume and replicate - children's toys that got out of hand. But Fifth taught them betrayal, and Replicator!Carter tought them revenge. And anger. And dublicitiy. Plus, where she kills Yu? Total BAMF.

The next few ones are kinda eh - "Promethus Unbound" is interesting mostly for its we're talking about SGA events ties, and I kinda like Vala here, while she's still a one-off character. Though I must point out that this is the fourth time the Promethus is being used and the second time it's been stolen. "It's Good To Be King" is kinda cool, for the whole time machine aspect - and believe you me I've plans for that in the Ancient!John 'verse too. And "Citizen Joe" is a whole new level of stupid.

"Full Alert," is rather good though. A perfect zenith for the Russian arc.

But "Reckoning" is... there are no words. It, along with "Threads" - and I consider those three episodes to esentially be a three-parter, even if they're not listed as such - make up the most amazing story ever. Anubus as Oma's eternal punishment is still a punch-to-the-gut the second time around, and the fact that the Others allow all this evil to happen is just so awful that, well, I'd have to start quoting The Brothers Karamazov to get the right words for it. And the Faustian bargin with Ba'al... Well, it's amazing, and I've rewatched it many times since my intial discovery of the series.

"Mobius" I find hillarious, partly because I'd forgotten Rodney was in this episode(s), and, well, he's exactly the same in both universes, which is just perfect (though, again, I find myself feeling sorry for him 'cause he, presumably, doesn't know John in this one). But, while I love it, I refuse to believe that SG1 would do anything like go into the past for a ZPM in the first place, let alone not try to fix it again when proved they've not done it right (ie, the fish).

But whatever.

Today's random thoughts include: 1) A large part of my enjoyment of these episodes came from the SGA hints I'd not picked up on before veiwing that series. 2) Another clip show? 3) If alt!Jack, Sam, and Tea'c lived out the rest of their lives in ancient Egypt, do they have any descendants alive now? 4) Why did anyone think they could possibly continue on with the series after such an obvious finale as S8 has? 5) I believe "Threads" makes Daniel's fifth death and second Ascension. 6) Seriously, it takes Sam's dad telling her to go for it to dump Pete after he both stalks her and buys a house without her input? Way to cut the legs out from under her character, writers.

My Puzzle still isn't finished, but oh well. It's largely a by shape thing

now, and is slow going.

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