The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 15

Day 15 / 274 Days Until I Ship

Today's were "New Order" thru "Endgame."

God, I really am missing the good episodes now. Granted, "New Order" - particularly part 2 - was a good episode, and I get a real kick out of "Zero Hour,' but, for the most part, it's just... blah.

"Avatar," for instance, plays out like an advertisement for a Stargate video game, and not a very good one at that. "Affinity" borders on the stupid, and "Sacrifices" is just stupid, making be once again sorry for poor Jolene Bollack, who plays Ishta. I know that "Sacrifies" is supposed to play out as a pro-feminist sort of thing, but since the men always end up as right in it, that kinda doesn't happen. "Endgame" is interesting only in so much as it has potential. As for the rest? Well, they're just stupid.

And no one can possibly be as stupid as Alec Coulson and be a self-made millionare. It's just impossible.

At least tomorrow has some good episodes slated.

Random thoughts include: 1) School buses are annoying. If one kid lives at the end of the block and another in the middle, you shouldn't need to stop twice on the same street to let them both out, particularly if the block is only five houses long. 2) I so like SGA Weir better than blonde Weir. 3) This season is very Stargate 101 at times too. 4) Ba'al is the best goa'uld ever. 5) Pete continues to creep me out.

I also made like no progress on my puzzle. Though I did make some on "Legati"

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I thought the general consensus was that blonde Weir was better than SGA Weir?

Or maybe that was wishful thinking. I'm not too fond of SGA Weir.
Oh, I *hate* blonde Weir. It could just be that SGA Weir is the one I'm more familiar with, and therefore think imbodies the character better, but I think a large part of it is blonde Weir's hair - which, in addition to be being blonde, is vaugely riddiculus.
I haven't seen blonde!Weir, so I haven't formed any opinion personally - but most of the places that I frequent were of the opinion that blonde!Weir was somehow more tolerable. IDK. It'll be interesting to see when I (someday) get to those episodes.
Well, that's end of S7. Have you managed to make it through "Foothold" yet?

I found blonde!Weir more off-putting. She struck me as just another of Kinsey's lackies, even if she *does* stand up to him. More of an anti-weapons proliferations activist than someone who'd ever actually brokered treaties.
SGA Weir just strikes me more as the international relations expert she's supposed to be.
But, again, it could be three seasons of SGA colouring blonde!Weir's two episodes.
I have, actually! It turns out that I had already seen part of the episode on television, before I started watching SG-1 in order. I was just thinking about watching the next episode tonight.

Hmm. See, I can't think of too many instances where we see SGA Weir do anything successfully diplomatic.
True, but she *looks* like she could, which I suppose is the point. And she does try, which is another.

The first SG1 episode I ever saw was "2001." Boy did that turn me off the series for a long time.

Enjoy your epi!
You have a point there.

I'm not familiar with that episode. Would you say you like SGA or SG-1 more?

I like SG1 because it's so irreverent - not as much as Farscape, but close - and shows the progression of the SGC from a somewhat stumbling, young race into a galactic powerhouse. However, it suffers from being too long a series at times, particularly in the later seasons, which colour the overall awesomeness of the rest.

I love SGA for almost the opposite reason - it, from the getgo, takes itself very seriously, and is fairly consistantly wonderful as a series.

If it comes down to it, I have to pick SGA, mostly because it's cast has an almost Joss-like disfunctional family quality to it that I love, far moreso than SG1.

I'd ask the same of you, but I feel your answer is kinda obvious.
I like that you thought out your answer :)

I've never given much thought to why I love one show and dislike another, but it was really SGA that made me realize that my enjoyment of a show depends on how I feel about the characters. A lot of people talk about how campy the show is, how terrible they think it is (though they love the fandom), and while I can kind of see where they're coming from, I love the characters so much. I love the setting and the possibilities and the relationships (er...for the most part). And as much as I'm enjoying SG-1, that love for the characters is a lot more mild than the strength of what I feel for AR-1.

Plus, I don't really have a set ship for SG-1, which always helps increase my enjoyment :P I don't mind Jack/Sam, and I like Jack/Daniel...but feel no pressing urge to read fic.


First thing you've got to know about me: I think about everything. Overthinking stuff is my biggest problem. (For instance, if you've ever read Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy, I'm now currently plagued by the question of Why Ford brought Arthur along in the first place. But whatever.)

Second, I read everything that people post here, and usually most of which appears on my friend's page.

But, to actally answer the bulk of your comment, I've got to agree with you that character's make the show. It's why Joss Whedon's stuff is so amazing - he writes real character's you get overly emotionally attached to. If the characters down work, the rest of the show won't, no matter how good the idea is.

And as for all the people who think SGA is camp, they've clearly not watched enough SG1. Or Star Trek, of any sort. Or SyFy in general.

Now this is probably a tl;dr.
Haha, nah :) When the topic is interesting, I don't mind long replies.

And now you've got me wondering that about Ford as well. I've really only read the first two books, and seen the movie, so I have no idea what the rest of the series establishes about their relationship. I can only speculate it's because Ford liked Arthur and didn't want him to disappear with his planet?

Exactly so! Joss has a fantastic talent at writing characters that are easy to get attached to. And he writes people growing and changing, just like they do in real life.

Syfy = camp? :P I actually don't mind the show being campy. I think it adds a sense of fun to it all~
Drop everything and read the entire Hitchhicker's Guide series. It's the absolute most amazing thing in the world, at least as far as light-hearted SyFy. I've read it so many times - and listened to it so many times on audiobook - that I can practically resite it memory.

I've seen a couple attempts at Ford/Arthur fics, but they've all been horrible. Much like the movie. The only reason I can figure is it was a matter of Arthur being the least objectional human he'd met.

Joss = God.

I don't think all SyFy is campy, just the stuff that makes it onto TV. The good, hardcore stuff - The Foundation Trilogy, Dune, Revelation Space, The Foriegner Novels; Cyteen and Regenisis - just could never translate onto TV and, if they ever tried, would just end up looking camp.

Le sigh.
Doesn't the group split up in the later books? I was always kind of hesitant to read past the second...but now I'm so very tempted. I'll have to dig out my HGTTG books...

I've heard of Ford/Arthur fics, though I've read none.

I'm ashamed to admit I'm familiar with only one of the things listed above.
they split up, but they get back together again.

And, there there. People have different tastes. I just happen to read almost everything.
That's a huge relief!

Are they all sci-fi books? I'm still so new to the genre >.< I'll have to google the books you listed!
They're all books. I'd suggest reading The Foundation Trilogy first. The others are... very intense SyFy, and not for the faint of heart.