The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 14

Day 14 / 275 Days Until I Ship

Today's was "Fallout" thru "Lost City."

Now, don't get me wrong. "Heroes" is one of the best episodes ever - it made me sob like a baby, even knowing what was coming. And "Lost City" is an episode I've rewatched dozens of times before now. It not only has one of my favourite stories, but the Battle of Antartica at the end is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Definately one of SG1's best space battle scenes. But, for the most part, today's selection sucked.

For one, "Fallout" shouldn't have been the last we ever hear of Jonas. And "Chimera" is just... well, IDK what it is, all I know is that if any guy I'm dating ever tries to run a background check on me like that and still follows me to my top-secret work, I'd never ever see him again. Hell, I'd consider a restraining order, not Stargate 101. And I still hate clip episodes.

But "Heroes" and "Lost City" almost make up for it. Almost. "Heroes" hits that perfect balance between humour and tears, raises some very interesting questions, and gives us our first appearance of Woolsey (#5 on Star Trek Alum so far, I believe) and Dixon (our first Firefly alum), who is someone I'd like to have seen a lot more of. "Lost City" gives us the blonde version of Weir, who I find almost as annoying as I did the first time around. Though, while I'm on the subject of annoying, I do like Woolsey a lot more this time around. He genuinely is trying to do the right thing, even if it's not our rather slanted veiw of right.

I also had a delightful conversation with my mom's dad, who called out of the blue this evening. I've not spoken to since this time last year, when we were all at my brother's graduation, and it was, as I say, a delight. I also got a lovely bruise at the gym today and found out it's going to cost $200 dollars to relpace my side mirror. So I'm in a mood today. As well, I got terribly distracted writing a drabble, so no actual "Legati" progress was made today, despite my best efforts.

Random thoughts include: 1) Whatever happens to Sarah after Osiris is pulled out of her? 2) Shanks hits all the cliches when he writes an episode, doesn't he? 3) Jonas should totally have had more episodes after "Fallout," or at least been mentioned. 4) They seem to be doing a lot of "recaps" and "Stargate 101s" this half of the season. 5) Why clip shows? Who honestly likes them? 6) If you don't see the OTP in "Death Knell" and "Heroes, Pt2," you are blind. It's both amusing and disapointing how the writer's keep thinking the series is about to end, keep almost bringing them together, and then, upon finding out the series will continue, keep them from doing so. 7) Battle of Antartica = coolest thing ever.

I've also finshed all the greenery on my puzzle and only have the sky left to do. Only.

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