The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 13

Day 13 / 276 Days Until I Ship

Today's selection was "Fallen" thru "Grace."

I"m starting to miss the good ol' seasons of 4 & 5. Don't get me wrong, I really do like "Fallen" and "Homecoming," and have a special place in my heart for "Fragile Balance," but the rest were kinda.... eh. Oh, I like how "Evolution" subverts the bad guys will die easily, and heroes can survive anything trope, and "Grace" is the Sam episode, but... IDK. The rest just kinda sucked.

"Space Race" was particularly stupid, and while "Birthright" had potential, it was cliched as anything. And "Lifeboat" I think I would like more if it didn't hit so close to home, what with my sister and all. And didn't exist solely so Shanks could expand as an actor, or something, I'm sure.

Let's see. "Revisions" gives us Christopher Heyerdahl, who'd go on to play everyone's favorite Wraith, Todd - and, oddly enough, one of the Volturi in the Twilight movies, which, considering clone!Jack in "Fragile Balance" is in that series as well, is kinda funny. To me at least. And "Enemy Mine" was only bareable because it had baby Lorne. (And, yes, the moment he went on screen, I did pretty much go oh, baby Lorne in a way that makes me glad I've the house to myself again.) "Birthright" gives us Jolene Bollack, who plays T'Pol in ENT, and I felt so sad for her for having had to take such a bad role. And be Teal'c's love interest no less.

Random thoughts include: 1) There's probably a reason most series don't last for more than 7 seasons. This is an example of one of those. 2) RDA's semi-retirement really hurts the show. He kinda made the whole show work. 3) "Avenger 2.0" was a cool idea, but not nearly as funny or good as "The Other Guys." 4) This season suffers from a severe lack of Rodney. Or John, for that matter. 5) Amazons? Seriously? 6) If clone!Jack is 15 in the fall of 2003, he could potentially be an LT in the Air Force by 2010. I would have liked to have seen that. 7) My brother has introduced me to Songza, and I love it. Though I am moderately disturbed that one of my favourite playlists is called Pole Dancing Music.

Puzzle progress was slow and steady. I'm almost done with the greenery. Which only leaves the (very uniform) sky. So I'm maybe 2/3rds done.

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