The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 12

Day 12 / 277 Days Until I Ship

Today's episodes were "Unnatural Selection" thru "Full Circle."

Today is also the one day of the year in which anything interesting happens in my town - a fair which blocks off a portion of a major highway which runs through town. And yet I still managed to watch half a season of SG1, which should tell you about how exciting it was. Mom brought my sister for like an hour of it too, so, God, was it painful. (To clarify, I've not seen my sister since the Holidays, and thank God for that.)

But on to the SyFy. Which, sadly enough, wasn't that spectacular, at least after the awesome-sause that was S4&S5. I like the idea of "Unnatural Selection" more than it's follow thru - though the fact that Third was Helio in BSG is something I will never cease to find amusing. "Paradise Lost" is a very good, if somewhat too long episode. And, well, I can't hate "Full Circle," if only because it gives us the first mention of the Ancients are the Others/there is a Lost City of the Ancients/Anubus is half-Ascended, even if it's possibly my least favourite finale.

The rest is fodder for Random Throughts: 1) Jonas spends far too much time in the infirmary for "mental illness" like things. 2) Also, Jonas always seems vaugly OoC or Mary Sue-ish, for all I like his character and find him moderately adorable. 3) I hate clip shows. Velhmently. 4) You get the feeling they were trying to prove to Michael Shanks that Daniel wasn't being underutilized this season, as there's an awful lot of him, considering he's dead. 5) I hate Teal'c episodes. And ones his actor writes. Seriously, does anyone else think they're just stupid, boring episodes? I don't even care about the Free Jaffa arc anymore. It's just that bad. 6) And people wonder why the Asgard just don't hand over their tech after hearing about all the problems Earth is having just mastering what should be basic spaceflight. Seriously. I'm embaresed about the fact their ships just don't work right, ever, and I know the show isn't real. 7) The Eye of Ra? Seriously? 8) I now, for no readily apparent reason, want to read Jonas/Cassandra fic. 9) I've also seen Jonas/Rodney fic, but, seriously, I see Jonas/Teal'c more than I do that. Especially during "The Changling." 10) Does Anubus' glowy bit with Daneil in "Full Circle" count as glowy Ancient sex? 'Cause, if so, ew. 11) Which brings up something I've been meaning to mention for a while: I wonder if the goa'uld practice pedastry, 'cause that was a vibe I was getting in the episode where Apophis brainwashed Teal'c's son. 12) The road Jonas and Teal'c chase that rogue scientist down in "Smoke and Mirrors" is used all the time in Psych.

Also, amazing Puzzle Progress has been made: I've half the greenery done. Yes, that's a pathetic as it sounds.

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I've read some fics where Rodney was involved with Jonas in the past~

I was so focused on Rodney during his episodes that I never paid much attention to his interactions with Jonas, though *shrug*
Me too, but, as you probably noticed, I've lots of random thoughts while watching these things. I don't see anything that could be the basis of a relationship between them, but, then again, when has that ever stopped anyone?

PS. I miss your old icon, but I like this one too.
Lorne and Parrish were in a scene for maybe two minutes and people ship it. Of course, they were both adorable, so...

RE:PS - I'm sorry you miss it :( I just desperately needed a change, and I'm limited by 15 icons *shrug*
I know. Icons are addictive, and sometimes good ones must be sacrified for new ones.

Lorne is always adorable. Parrish, eh, there's not enough about him as a character for me to really feel either way about him. Though Lorne/Zelenka has started to grow on me.
*nod* It's true. Sacrifices must be made, sadly. I've thought about finding out how to purchase more icon space so I can have ALL THE AWESOME ICONS.

Lorne is wonderful, yes! I liked Parrish, he was excitable and his fascination with the plants was cute, I thought. I like Lorne/Zelenka too, especially after The Game.
Go to the lj shop. It'll give you more icons if you buy the space.

Now I want to write another Lorne fic.
The next problem is how to pay - I have no credit card. Maybe they take debit cards, or something.

Ooo, do it do it! :D