The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 11

Day 11 / 278 Days Until I Ship

Today's episodes were "Redemption (Pt 1)" thru "Prometheus."

God, what a day. I'd have liked to watch more (and get more done!) but mom showed up halfway through the day and, well, I had to spend time with her. Which wouldn't have been so bad, but... it kinda was. Mostly because we were going to do stuff, but then she had to stop by work and so we couldn't do what we planned. Plus I managed to lose a side mirror trying to back out of our (stupid, fraking, ill-consiseved) driveway, so, yeah. Not happy.

But anyway. "Redemption" brings baby Rodney back, though he's not so much baby anymore than a more dimentional version of the one we get in "48 Hours" and closer to the guy we've come to know (and love) in SGA. Though I did find myself more than once thinking through the episode how sad it was that he'd not met John yet at this point. And how silly it was they sent him back to Russia when it became clear that, yes, he'd be good to have on hand if anything ever went wrong with the Gate again. As seems to happen twice a season (at least). Oh, and we also get our second BSG alumn, Aaron Douglas, in pt 2 of this episode, which I find amusing for purely my-version-of-Pegasus-X-treme reasons.

"Nightwalkers" is a episode I dislike, as is "Shadow Play" (though that gives us BSG alumn #3, the guy who plays Cavil). Oh, yeah, and there was an X-Files Lone Gunman in "Frozen."

"Abyss" is 100% amazing, though, and is the penultimate O'Neill episode. Everything you ever need to know about his character is in that episode, and it is brilliant.

Oh, and Simmons' death in "Promethus"? Possibly my fav goa'uld death ever. I also love how we finally get spaceflight in this episode, a natural progression of the things they've learned and the mistakes they've made. Thought it also get's tiring how many times it's hijacked/stolen/etc. Even the first time.

Random thoughts include: 1) I'm so glad they finally got a new opening sequence. I mean, I'm glad they stopped using the one from S3, but did they really have to go back to the unchanged orginal for S4&5? 2) I'm fairly certain the outside area of Tollan homeworld is also used for parts of Caprica in BSG. 3) My brother just got back - he has to go to a funeral tomorrow, so he's in town tonight - and we actually had more than 5min worth of stuff to talk about. I'm surprised. 4) I like Jonas. I wish there'd been more of him. 5) I'm mildly disapointed that the McShep match team names for this year weren't Pirates and Ninjas.

Puzzle Progress is slow.

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Yep, Tollan and Caprica both are actually the main buildings of Simon Fraser University atop Burnaby Mountain.
Ha! Yes! I was right! Without wikipedia's help, I was right. Hail this glorius day!

(I may be getting punch drunk.)
More Baby Rodney! I admit to looking forward to seeing him very much :D

The McShep Match team names isn't Pirates and Ninjas? D: