The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 10

Day 10 / 279 Days Until I Ship

Today's episodes were "Desperate Measures" thru "Revelations," which brings us to the halfway point of SG1.

So, firstly baby Rodney. The first time I watched "48 Hours," I was desperately sure that McKay was the new host for the goa'uld that went into Adrian Conrad in "Desperate Measures," and was bitterly disapointed when he didn't turn out to be evil. But, upon rewatching (now having seen SGA), you can really see how the SGC paints him with the same brush they do Simmons, even after he points out he doesn't work for him. But, since they can't do anything really to Simmons, they take out their frustration on Rodney. Who, really, has some valid points. Granted, he could've made them better, but he very easily could've been right. It's seems more vindictive than validation sending him to Siberia this time around.

Plus baby Rodney. It's kinda adorable, even if he's only 3 years or so younger than in SGA's S1. And John de Lancie too. I loved him as Q and I love him here, despite (because) of his evilness. He makes Star Trek alum #3 to show up in SG1 too. "Proving Ground" also gives us our first BSG alumna, though she's yet to be one at this point: Grace Park, ie, Sharon/Boomer.

Also, "Wormhole X-treme" is no less hillarious the second time round, although dangerous to watch on the tredmill. Makes me want to write a Pegasus X-treme Ancient!John ficlet, but that is a little too close to RPF for my comfort.

"Meridian" is still a tear-jerker too, even if I almost prefer Jonas to Daneil sometimes (baby Jonas!). And, of course, the Asgard-y season finale.

Random thoughts: 1) Mom and brother arrive tomorrow, to stay thru Sat. Considering the distinct lack of furnature in this house, it should prove interesting. 2) I amuse myself trying to create OTP scenes for each episode. If I'd the time and energy and an actually way of doing it, I might actually do a missing-scenes thing. 3) I wish they did more with the character's from "Proving Ground." Ie, use one of them instead of Cameron in S9, or something, but what can you do? 4) I hate Teal'c episodes. 5) I've decided I've plans for Jonas in the Ancient!John 'verse. You've been warned.

The puzzle is progressing, slowly but surely. It would help if I'd an actual table big enough. But it is difficult and entertains me, so I suppose that's all that matters.

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After SGA, I went and watched Rodney's SG-1 episodes, and that particular order of viewing definitely colors my view of Rodney in SG-1. There's no doubt that his treatment of Sam and such are terrible, but I spent the entire episode - with no clue what was going on plot wise - thinking about how adorable he was.

HE LOOKS SO YOUNG. I want to follow him around and pat his head and pinch his ass cheeks and coo at him.
IKR? He's a jerk, yes, but not a jerk worthy of Siberian exile.

And coo is definately the right word for what I did the whole episode. That, and go, "Oh, baby Rodney," every time he was being rude.
*nod* Especially since, as you point out, he said some valid things. But perhaps the SGC just needed a scapegoat, and since he was unlikable...

I'm always on the look-out for fic where Sam thinks about/speculates on how much Rodney has changed when she takes command of Atlantis in s4. Because I think that's fascinating, the differences between Baby Rodney and the Rodney we see. Even Rodney from S1 of Atlantis is different from S4 Atlantis.
Definately. A large part of it is whole, being on a team and, thus, developing similar feelings about said teammates, but still. I love those fics too.

But it's the whole paradox of war thing, isn't it? "The paradox of war is that those leaders who are most willing to endanger that which they love can be the ones most liable to win, and therefore most likely to protect their men." Granted, it's scientists in this case, and teammates, but still. Point stands.