The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 9

Day 9 / 280 Days Until I Ship

Today's episodes are "Absolute Power" thru "Between Two Fires," which brings us well into S5.

What can I say about today's selection? We get a few Daniel goes evil episodes, a kick-ass season finale/season premire (with my favourite half-alien, Jacob Carter), the last appearance of Cassandra, and the final appearance of the Tollan. Thank God.

Now, personally, I almost wish Teal'c was only pretending to be Earth's ally in "Enemies," and had been Apophis' first prime all along. It's a more plausible explaination for why he joined SG-1 than the one given in "Children of the Gods." Even with the revelations "Threshold" provide towards this. And so totally would have been a cool story arc. But I guess they couldn't do that, at the risk of alienating people for making their token alien/character of colour evil.

"Beast of Burden" was annoying, but bearable. And, of course, I'm happy finally see the final death of Apophis... but, mostly, these were good, but not great, episodes. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, mostly because it brings so many great ones, but other than that...

Random thoughts: 1) This puzzle is far more difficult than the last. 2) I love any episode with the russians, because I find it an intriguing (and realistic) plot. But it also makes me nostalgic for Zelenka and his Cezch ranting. 3) I've a feeling I wouldn't like Michael Shanks in RL. 4) Same goes for Narim's actor. 5) I want to hug an Asgard.

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I've heard Michael Shanks is a huge douche IRL. Some of the things I've heard he's done make me :\
Things I know about Shanks:

1) He was considered for the role of clone!Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis. I'm glad it didn't.
2) He'd a kid with the woman who pladed Shar'e in RL, which gives us the whole Haeresis and Ascension story arcs.
3) His wanting more $ is why he Ascends at the end of S5.
4) He almost had Sam's job in S4, except he wanted too much $ in RL for it.

The more I learn, the less I like.
I hear he hated being the skinny science geek, which is why he bulked up later on. It's also because of Shanks that there were more Daniel-centric episodes. Also, he got his second wife a spot on the show.

Of course, this is all things that I've heard *shrug*

If even a fraction are true, then he's an ass.
Yeah. His wife played Dr. Lam in S9 & S10.
I don't mind Daneil-centric episodes, or the idea he'd bulk up as the show went on, as a result of all the "excerise" the missons would provide/require.

But still. I like Daniel. I don't like him. I hate when that happens, though. Like with John Iriving. He wrote some of my fav books, but he's a jerk in RL.
IRL Michael Shanks is most definitely full of himself, polite enough but in a snobby way. His first wife (who's name escapes me atm) is the woman who played Shar'e and, at least in public is a very sweet but quiet lady. Their daughter at 2 & 3 was the most beautiful, sweet, happy child. An absolute doll.

From what I understand his second wife, Lexa Doig, got the role as a combination of having been on set w/him (thereby meeting people) and that she was a well-known name in the local sci-fi industry at the time, due to her starring role on Andromeda. Mostly a case of right place, right time.
And here I was thinking I was the only person in the world who watched Andromeda. It's not even available on Netflix, which has to tell you something.

I think it's safe to say that all actors are crazy and leave it, more or less, at that.