The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 8

Day 8 / 281 Days Until I Ship

Today's selections included "Divide and Conquer" thru "2010." It also includes a second veiwing of The Avengers movie

- this time with D-Box seats - which I count here, as it it probably is more SyFy than Fantasy in the grand scheme of things. And, while it was slightly car-sickness-esque at first, it made the experience just that much more. And it was so worth the second veiwing.

But, God, has it been a few great episodes. "Divide and Conquer" takes what should be a riddiculus SyFy trope and turns it into something wonderful. (And, plus, OTP squee-ness galore.) "Window of Oppertunity" is just amazing and to die for and possibly the greatest individual SG1 episode ever made. "Watergate" brings the Stargate onto the international stage (which I love, love, love), and gives us our second Star Trek actor. "Tangent" gives me everything I love about Apollo 13 in a single episode, and, of course, Jacob Carter.

But it also gives a few bad ones. "2010" for ones is one of the worst. It's sequel, "2001," is the first SG1 episode I ever saw and was so bad that I never watched anymore until I got bored and desperate enough to try again this time last year. And "The Curse," while not the same level of icky, is just not that great.

Random thoughts include: 1) I'm mildly surprised that Daniel hasn't died again yet, or been thought dead. 2) S4 is the ultimate in Sam/Jack ship fodder. 3) My nails are the exact same colour of the folliage in the puzzle I'm now working on. It makes things difficult. 4) It's just sad to be watching an episode set 10 years in the future - which is now 2 years past.

Puzzle progress is slow. As is today's work on "Legata." Le sigh.

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