The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 7

Day 7 / 282 Days Until I Ship

Today's selections included "Pretense" thru "Crossroads," which brings us well into S4.

Lots of good episodes in today's lot - in fact, the only one I actively disliked was "Crystal Skull," because, well, honestly, it's just bad. Sure, "Pretense" was the inevitable courtroom episode that into every series must fall, and did include my two least favourite races - the Tollan and the Nox - but even it was bearable. And "A Hundred Days"  I dislike only for OTP issues.

But where to start with the good ones? "Shades of Grey" I love for the new and exciting angle it takes us with the NID and Beta Gate. "Nemesis" brings us the Replicators, which at first I feared would be nothing more than Stargate's version of the Borg, but which turned out to be my fav of all Stargate Big Bads (which, for those of you who asked if that comment in "Legata" means there will be no Replicators in SGA, is a big hint). "Small Victories" is great, not only for my personal OTP issues (see "Fratris Filii"), but because it is just great. "The Other Side" brings us both the first Star Trek actor in the 'verse, but a very, very interesting story that was the first one, during my first rewatch, that I loved and enjoyed unreservedly, and which I couldn't predict the ending of. And as for "Upgrades," well, I dare anyone not to like that episode.

Random thoughts: 1) God, I'm tired. 2) Thor is possitively adorable. I mean, "I like the yellow ones." Seriously. Brilliant. 3) And now even Teal'c has a love interest. Le sigh. 4) In my fanon, I will believe until my dying day that Sam and Jack started their affair during the break between S3 & S4. 5) Seriously, who wrote "Crystal Skull," and why were they allowed to share it with us? 6) Urgo. Is. Hillarious. 7) I can't wait to be rid of the Abydosians once and for all. 8) I've actually made good "Legata" progress today. And may have accidentally aquired a beta.

I've also started a new puzzle. Neuschwanstien Castle in Spring, 2000 peices. I did one of it in winter last year and god was it hard. This one should prove to be just as challenging. (If anyone actually cares about this, I've taken to posting pics of my progress on fb.)

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