The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 6

Day 6 / 283 Days Until I Ship

Today's selections included "Seth" thru "Foothold."

Which is, yes, 12 episodes. Which probably says somehting about my day. And the season. S3 is the start of some of the best episodes of the series - in fact, out of all 12, the only one I really actively disliked was "Deadman's Switch," though I've some uncomfortable feelings about "Forever in a Day" and "Legacy" too.

But still. Some amazing episodes. "Jolenar's Memories" and "The Devil You Know" are just amazing episodes, and "Foothold" is another one of my favs, not only for Maybourne, who's grown on me, despite being an annoying prick. In fact, there is just so much going on here in the world of pure awesomeness that it's easy to remember how I fell in love with this show. Plus, it's also the start of a lot of the Sam/Jack undertones that I personally choose to take as canon.

Random thoughts for today include: 1) I live in the middle of nowhere, as prooved by the gospel music playing in Subway this morning. 2) Jacob is the best alien ever, after Thor, and I love him, in the teddy bear sort of way. 3) Thor is not a teddy bear, but I <3 him anyway, and in a twisted way want to know what he'd make of Thor the superhero. 4) It's nice to get a bigger picture of the goa'uld system lords this season. Especially those outside of Egyptian mythology. 5) Comparatively, Apophis is kinda the most well-adjusted of the goa'uld. He loves his mate and son, and isn't stupidly ambitious, but buys his time. And, plus, he's kinda a BAMF when he takes on Sokar. 6) I'm glad Sha're is finally gone, 'cause she kinda annoyed me, but did Daniel need to get himself a new girl in the very next episode, really?

I also finished my puzzle today about 5ish, and spent the rest the day doing other things while watching SG1. I'll start on a new one tomorrow, but at least now my nails are all acid green. Which is good, I guess.

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It's funny you mention Foothold, since that's the episode I'm on. I'm struggling to get past it, because...idk, I can't seem to drum up any enthusiasm over it. I SHOULD JUST SUCK IT UP AND WATCH.
:) "Foothold" is a weird one for a fav, I know, but it's largely to do with Mayborne getting that stick out of his ass and doing what's right for once...

Le sigh. The next eppisode has the Tollan, and I'm not looking forward to it - and I doubt you will either.
I think tonight I'm just going to suck it up and start the episode. That's the most difficult part for me - starting something.

The Tollans, I vaguely recall them :\ I think I had been hoping they were a one-time thing.
I think they're in four episodes altogether. I rather hate them myself (as evidenced), but less so than the Nox, so... Yeah.

Still, it's not actually a bad episode, so just try to watch it. Or find something to do while watching it. Which is why I have puzzles and sudoku books to occupy me during the bad ones.
Usually once I get started I can focus on the episode, it's just getting started that's the problem. But if the episode is difficult for met o get through, I can always check tumblr as I watch.
Yeah. I'm taking a break myself to try to work on "Legata" some. It's not going well, but it's not going badly either.