The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 5

Day 5 / 284 Days Until I Ship

Today was "The Tok'ra" thru "Into the Fire," which offically brings us into S3.

Today's selection was a bit of a mixed bag, but contained many of my favourite episodes - "The Tok'ra," which of course introduce us to The Tok'ra and bring us Jacob/Selmak, who is my second favourite alien, after Thor - "Touchtone," which brings us back to the Beta Gate and doesn't shy away from the dark underbelly of politics (and has given me yet another Ancient!John orgin story idea) - "The Fifth Race," which is one of my all-time favourite episodes ever, and probaby is the first truely exceptional episode in the series - "A Matter of Time," which, again, is truely amazing - and "1969," which is just hillarious.

And, of course, there is "Into the Fire" itself, which is not only an amazing episode in it's own right, but which proves (in my mind, at least) that the Sam/Jack isn't just in my head with that over-long hug. Because not even a situation such as that one deserves a hug of that strength or length if there is not a romantic undertone to it.

Then, of course, there is "Spirits," which is up there with "Bane" for worst-episode-ever, and "Holiday," which is also distinctly unpleasant.

The Puzzle is almost 5/6 of the way finished too. Oh, and "Martyr" is over 5000 hits on A03. Go me.

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