The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 4

Day 4 / 285 Days Until I Ship

Today was "In the Line of Duty" thru "Bane."

This is an interesting mix, as it contains some very wonderful episodes - "In the Line of Duty," which is a wonderful concept, and one which I really wished they'd explored more in later seasons than they did, partciularly after Jack's own tok'ra in "Abyss" - "Thor's Chariot," which brings us the first actual Asgard interaction, even if it is only via hologram - and "Secrets," which introduces Jacob Carter, and, well, that is just fun all around.

But it also contains some bad ones. "Bane" is just hidious and, well, while on one level into every SyFy series a they-turn-into-a-bug episode must fall, on another, Teal'c turns into a bug. At least it was better than VOY's take on the trope ("Threshold" was responsible for a surprisingly large number of nightmares when I was younger and still creeps me out when I see it now; and "Macrocosm" is just stupid). "Family" too was very annoying, largely for my I hate Teal'c episodes feeling, and because electroshock therepy in no way works as shown. (Though it did spawn a deep and abiding desire to reread The Bell Jar.)

Random thoughts: 1) If I ever go evil, I want Destroyer of Worlds to be my evil nickname. 2) I'm so glad the SGC isn't shown to be perfect, and make mistakes (like releasing Destroyers of Worlds on other worlds by accident. Oops). 3) The fact that Daniel is an orphan and saw his parents die is just too much whump for the poor guy. 4) So is the fact his wife is pregnant by the Big Bad. 5) Thor is my favourite alien ever. Period. 6) My back hurts again. It is annoying. 7) Abydos is a sad and embaressing mockery of Egypt that makes me very sorry for everyone involved. 8) Why does the street girl randomly remember some AF guy's phone number? Just why? Or How?

Puzzle progress is good. I'm about 1/2way done. And I promise this is my last post for the day.

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