Avengers Assemble: The Avengers commentary

I just got back from the movie, and, there are only two words I can say to adequately do it justice: see it. See it now.

This is superhero storytelling at it's best. The story is, well, there, and sharp, and crisp, and everything about the characters is sketched in 2 lines in a very JJ Abrams way, but without the overuse of choking and falling off buildings. And it's a genuine ensemble, with no one hero outshining any other, not even the demigod - though, if anyone could be said to be the true hero of the film, it might be the Hulk.

But its funny and action-packed and from the very begining grips you in a way that I've not been gripped by a movie in awhile. It even outshines and outclasses Iron Man as the pinacle of comic book movies.

My few complaints about it are all personal issues - ie, I like the more mature version of Tony we see here, even (especially) with the touch of grey at his temples, but I'm now such a genuine Tony/Steve shipper that I disliked the brief bits of Tony/Pepper onscreen. I found Fury to be a bastard who uses people but with generally good intentions, but you're supposed to think of him that way, I think. And, yes, Steve's comment about God at one point was slightly annoying, but it was very in-character, so I'm okay with it. I think.

Anyway, drop whatever you're doing an go see it now. Hell, I might even go see it again this weekend, just because.

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