The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 3

Day 3 / 286 Days Until I Ship

I had my first DEP meeting today

- meaning I had to go up to the Big City for like 5 hours, after you include drive time and whatnot - so today's selections are only "There But For the Grace of God" thru "The Serpent's Lair." But at least I'm now in S2.

Summer has come to the South, and even now I'm burning up - nevermind that last week I was actually wearing a sweatshirt at one point. And PT in this heat is not fun.

But it was mostly good reveiws all around today. "There But for the Grace of God" is a wonderful MU, which I kinda adore, and even if "Politics" was an annoying clip show, the parts that weren't clips had some wonderful dialogue. Granted, Kensey is an ass, but he has a point - a lot of them - even if they're for the wrong reasons. And, of course, the 3 parter was exciting and interesting and I now have an idea for an Ancient!John drabble that actually fits into "The Serpent's Lair."

General thoughts include: 1) It's almost midnight and I'm still burning up. 2) I privately believe seeing Sam/Jack in the MU cemented the idea in Daniel's head, and he tried to play matchmaker ever after, even if the final scene of "The Serpent's Lair" doesn't have to reach far for it's slash-coloured glasses. 3) Breaking the rules to save the world: Stargate's takeaway message. 4) Endevour is my favourite spaceshuttle. 5) I am now 23 episodes down, 191 to go; my anticpated Stargate verse finishing date is now 8 July. 6) They really need to build new walls for the hatak's - they keep going around the same corner; it's easy to tell with heiroglypics.

Minor puzzle progress today, for above mentioned reasons