Avengers Assemble: Thor commentary

What I feel for the Thor movie is, I expect, probably what I'd feel if my brother went and did something exceptionally stupid one day.

Because, FYI, my brother's kinda amazing - not that I'd ever tell him that - and he's got a lot of potential. And him doing something stupid would be a waste of it.

Which pretty much sums up my whole feeling on the matter. Thor is a movie of excellent possibility that very nearly hits the mark, but just misses it. It has the character growth, the wonderful graphics, a fairly decent and interesting storyline, and a number of tie-ins to other Marvel movies that I still can't believe the other members of my family don't pick up on when we rewatch it together, no matter how many times I point them out. 

But then again I had to point out why it was funny in one Big Bang Theory episode that Sheldon gave Leonard 30 peices of silverware, despite the Judas name-droping 3 min earlier, so... yeah. Maybe that's a bad example.

Anyway, this movie would be amazing if not for two things: one, the cold start that really does get you interested in things before backtracking back to Asgard for 30 min (I timed it) before picking back up again, by which point most my interest is gone; and, two, the sudden and inexplicable relationship between Thor and Jane is, yes, both sudden and inexplicable. Fix those two things, it could be golden, but, since it is what it is, there's nothing that can be done except to start working on the inevitable Thor/ST:IX/Xena crossovers.

And, since no good Hulk movie has ever been made, I'm skipping that avenger. And so, with that, I'm done with the rewatch until tomorrow's The Avengers debut.

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Does this mean that you'll be writing a Thor/ST:XI/Xena crossover? Because I would love you for ever even more than I do now. I have seen ST:XI/Xena with Cupid!McCoy, but I don't think I've seen one explore the potential of Thor being George...

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maybe one day. I've had the idea floating around for a while. right now I'm almost finished with the next chappie of "Legati," so I'm working on that.
your semester finished today? *claps for you*

Give me about another half-hour, and you should have a prezzie.
Well classes are done, next week is finals, and I graduate on the 20th. One more page on this Chaucer paper to go!
Graduate? Congrats. High School or College?

Ah, Chaucer. How I hate him. We had to memorize the prologue to The Canterbury Tales my junior year. I can still recite it by heart.
College. Try memorizing the first 18 lines in the original Middle English! With this 10 page paper, I have to record myself reading it, which includes my quotes (that are in Middle English). Not to mention I've been plowing through a English translation of a Latin manuscript that is almost entirely rhetorical questions...