The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 2

Day 2 / 287 Days Until I Ship

Today's selections inclued "Bloodlines" thru "Solitudes,"

which must be numbered differently on Netflix, as this inclued "The Nox" and "Tin Man."

But anyway, this is a very important chunk of Stargate-ness as we get the first two times Daniel dies in this series (and, yes, I've decided to keep a list): we have "Fire and Water," wherein he appears to be dead and "The Nox," where he, and the rest of the team, are all killed and revived. If you include the instance in the Stargate movie that's referenced, this is brings the Grand Total of Daniel Deaths up to 2.

Also important in this chunk are the introduction of two very important (ish) and annoying races: The Nox and The Tollan, both of whom I dislike with a firey passion. So much so that I took untold pleasure in killing The Nox off in my Ancient!John 'verse, even if it was entirely offscreen. We also have the Beta Stargate, which introduces a whole line of wonderful storylines, and the introduction of Cassandra Fraiser, who I have great plans for in the SG 'verse, but all of which must sadly wait until I've written thru S3. Le sigh.

"Hathor," "Fire and Water," "Bloodlines," "Enigma," and "Cor-ai" are all storylines I could've done without, but there is a campiness to "Hathor" that I can deal with. Even if the campiness of the special effects of the 30 seconds of "Enigma" makes campiness not such an endearing quality on today's watching.

Today various random thoughts include: 1) Poor Daniel, essentially being dated raped by Hathor, which seems to go completely unremarked upon; 2) I hate Teal'c storylines; 3) "Solitudes" is my favourite of all S1 episodes; 4) Apophis isn't really scary, or evil, or anything thus far, just very metrosexual - and, when you get into close-ups of his face, always looking like he's about to cry; 5) Robots are cool; and, 6) my back really, really hurts.

On a side note, significant puzzle progress has been made; I'd say I'm about 1/6 - 1/5 of the way through with it.
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There's an episode where SG-1 finds a training camp Apophis set up to infiltrate the SGC. He has this sort of projector thing that creates a giant holographic Apophis.

I remember thinking, "GIANT APOPHIS IN THE SKY." and then, "Apophis in the sky with diamonds."

What, I think I'm funny.

I'm not a huge fan of the Tollans or the Nox, but you seem to feel very strongly about them.
It's the guy who plays Narim for the Tollan. He just strikes me as creepy, in RL and otherwise. The Nox are just stupid.

I know what episode you're talking about. "Apophis in the Sky with Diamonds" is hillarious," and if I could think of a plot, I'd write a fic just to use that line. But I can't, so I shan't.

So much in the early sessons are camp though. I just watch them and wonder, how did this thing ever make it to 10 seasons? I mean, even Buffy didn't make it that far.

Oh, Buffy. Techinically not *science* fiction, or else it would be on the list too. Le sigh. Into every life, though.
Ah, yes. Narim. He was kind of creepy, wasn't he?

Aww. I can't think of a plot that could lead to that line, but it's a hilarious idea.

How many sci-fi shows were around when SG-1 started? Maybe it was a case of limited options, at first.

lol this is your rewatch, if you want to include Buffy, you totally should!
SG1 premeired during the monsoon season of of SyFy. TNG had just ended, DS9 and VOY were still runing strong, and ENT and Farscape would start (and, indeed, end) during it's run. Not to mention the Star Wars prequels.

But, as for the rewatch, I've decided to be pendantic. Only things with the word "STAR" in the title. So, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and then on to others if I somehow run through all those by Feb. It's not much, but, if I'm going to do it, I should do it "right"
Oh, I didn't know that. I'm so new to Sci-fi :P

Haha, well if it has "star" in it you can almost be assured it's sci-fi. I hope you enjoy your rewatch though XD