Avengers Assemble: Captain America commentary

My first imediate problem with Captain America: The First Avenger is that I have with most WWII movies: that people cannot seem to accept that Hitler was just a man. A very, very bad man, yes, but still only a man.

He was not aided by magic or aliens. He was able to cause so much death and distruction through a combination of charisma, the appeasing nature of global politics at the time, and fanatisism - all very human things.

But that has very little to do with the actual movie itself. And, in fact, after a couple rewatches (and a lot of reading of Steve/Tony fanfics), I find myself actually, if not liking this movie, than not hating it. It's a story of the classic hero, minus the personality defects so common in the Greek hero stories. Steve's not perfect - clearly - but he's close enough that the whole thing takes on an air of a battle between Nietzschen ubermensch than anything vaguely real. I very much want to hate Steve for this, but can't becuase he is, well, again, immently likable.

Oh, of course, there's the blatent propagana angle, as well as the whole, somewhat embaressing the rest of the western world is lost without the good ol' US of A angle, but, in general, it's a decent movie. The whole Peggy/Steve one is still I have trouble believing, and I feel Bucky's death should've been more emotional - or, at least, interesting - than it came across on screen, but still.

My only other major problem is that the movie has too many openings - the future, norway, brooklyn MEPS - and that the first gives away the end of the movie entirely.

But whatever. I look forward to the surely darker Captain America The Avengers promises us - which is a surprise in and of itself.

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