The Great SyFy Rewatch: Day 1

Day 1 / 288 Days Until I Ship

I begin The Great SyFy Rewatch with Stargate: SG-1,

which I first started watching 1 year ago today, mostly, it must be admited, out of boredom. I'd long resisted watching Stargate on the somewhat flimsy prinicple that it was cheap, B-rate SyFy when compared to the wonder that is Star Trek and all it's related series. One of my suite-mates my senior year of High School was a big SGA fan and tried more than once to get me to watch it with her, but I, being naive at the time, brushed her off. And, in my defense, I was at least polite about it - I watched one episode with her ("2010," to my great horror) - and then decided it was best to wait until she was done with the TV lounge to wait for Doctor Who to come on.

But anyway. On to the rewatch.

I managed to watch "Children of the Gods" thru "The Torment of Tantalus" today and, God, was I reminded why this idea is a spectacularly bad one.

I still can't figure out why Teal'c defected in the first place, unless it just so happened to be a complete spur-of-the-moment, freedom-or-death sort of thing brought on by such up-close, wanton killing and the presence of better-than-usual tech in human hands. I also still can't figure out why anyone thought an episode like "Emancipation" was a good idea, or "Cold Lazarus," though that one at least provides interesting (and still tear-jerking) backstory.

"The Broca Divide" remains an episode I love to hate, but "Thor's Hammer" and "The Torment of Tantalus" reminds me of how much I actually do love this series. Unlike with other SyFy, we get the start of a long-lasting arc in these two episodes that will carry through to the very final episode of the series - and well into SGA. Plus, meaning of life stuff. C'mon, you can't not love that.

Other thoughts, in no particular order, are: 1) Sam's "just because my genitals are on the inside" speech is even worse the second time around; 2) they're really trying to make O'Neill look younger than he really is this season, and thank god they eventually give up that ghose; 3) the amount of whump for each character thus far is more soap opera than SyFy, and, again, thank god for the later seasons; 4) poor, poor Danny; 5) there are moments when I can see why some people ship Jack/Daniel, but, for the most part, I just don't see it, and my glasses are very Sam/Jack coloured by this point; 6) Paul McGillon as young Earnest Littlefield was adorable.

And, last but not least, I made significant puzzle progress during these (God help me) 11 hours, and was quite pleased with myself until I realized I spent 11 hours watching S1 of SG1. Le Sigh.

287 more days to go.

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I think a lot of SG-1's early problems came from the fact that they were both basing it on the movie and yet also having to distinguish it from the movie ("O'Neill with two Ls" comes to mind). It definitely took a while for the writers to get going.
It was definately still trying to find itself, that's for sure. No more than TNG or VOY or even DS9, but, God, it feels like so much longer.
Well, those built off of TOS. Which is my standard of B-rate sci-fi that I just can't watch. The gender politics, the logical fallacies, none of it was anywhere near as cute as Classic Who. Next Gen is my ST series; I grew up with it.
I grew up with TNG too, but you've got to admit there are some good TOS episodes. A lot of bad ones, but a surprising number of good ones too.
Man, I have never actually been able to force myself to watch an entire TOS episode. I usually just get disgusted early on and stop watching.
"Where No Man Has Gone Before" is like the ultimate TOS episode. "Balance of Terror" is another fav, and, of course, "The Trouble With Tribbles."
I don't understand why Teal'c defected either. He just says they're the first he's ever believed could actually defeat the Goa'uld, but why?

My friends and I have this inside joke. Whenever we question actions of a character or a plot point in a tv show, we go, "LOL LOOKING FOR LOGIC IN A TV SHOW." Because so much just doesn't make sense, at this point we just learned to roll with it.
I'm still going with "they had tech he'd never seen before" or even "he overheard them talking about defeating Ra" or maybe "temporary insanity," but whatever. I'm amusing myself by thinking "what would Ancient!John think if he saw the relevant Wormhole X-treme episodes?" and working on my puzzle during.

(PS, IDK if I ever mentioned it, but your icon fills me with much happiness)
That's probably the best we're going to get *nod*

LOL Poor Ancient!John. How he must view us all.

(Oh, thank you! It's coming up on a icon change :P But I'm very fond of mine ♥ You have some great icons too :D )
I think it's the heart that makes that one icon just that much more amazing.

I do crack myself up sometimes thinking about just that though,
I agree :D

It could lead to some very funny moments, I think. Where John misunderstands or whatever.
I've been sorta waiting to write the whole pop-culture reference I'm working into the latest chappie, well, in.

Ancient!John meets 2001. Oh what his thoughts on *that* one.