Avengers Assemble: Iron Man 2 commentary

So, as I'm sure we all know, Iron Man 2 sucks. It is, in fact, plain awful, and only the horrors of The Green Lantern, The Green Hornet, and the entirety of the Spider-man fanchise keep it from being the worst superhero movie ever made.

(Well, no, that's disingenous to Captain America and every Hulk movie I've tried to watch, but the fact stands. Compared to Iron Man, Iron Man 2 is horrific.)

IM2, like most sequels, suffers the issue of getting too big for its britches. There are too many explosions in too many exotic locations with too many famous faces trying to make up for the fact that the story is nowhere near as good as the first. Granted, the overall idea about legacies, and fathers and living up to their memories and/or expectations, and being something bigger than yourself is all well and good, but the writing just isn't there.

Granted, I like the new Rhodey - even if it does make me want to watch Hotel Rwanda, which I can't, as Netflix, like so much else these days, doesn't stream it - and think he's a big improvement. And, after a couple of watchings, you really do get the sense that they've not just erased all the growth Tony experienced as a person in the last movie and cut and pasted it into this one, but that he's doing all of this because he's dying. And I find the sexualiation/sensationalization of the various weapons designers to be an interesting commentary on the modern perception of war and violence.

But still. My biggest peeve is, no, you can't actually invent an element and, even if you did, you wouldn't hide it's design specs in a 1974 world's fair. You want to invent an element? Here's how: I invent an element with 200 protons and 200 neutrons and shall call it Unobtainium. The "invention" of elements is pretty much deciding how many of each you want in your new atom. The big deal is actualy making it, which is difficult enough with the 100+ protons, and certainly couldn't be done in any basement, no matter how big a genius that guy is. (Though I must admit, as a science geek and a hot-blooded woman, the whole scene where Tony is tearing out walls, building a supercollider in his basement, and creating an element is all very, very hot, and even now I have to fan myself a little thinking about it.)

But, yeah. Iron Man 2 was too much a movie-for-the-masses. It was a tired old story, trotted out in some new hot rod red paint. Instead of anything deep or meaningful or even realatively interesting, you get explosions and cliches and a ship that I didn't believe even before I discovered the Tony/Steve that seems to prevail in this 'verse. All and all, I wish this movie had never been made, if only to preserve Iron Man, the original, in my mind.

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