Avengers Assemble: Iron Man commentary

Because I'm a bored fangirl and there's only so much time one can spend on the tredmill before going mad, I've decided a Marvel Movie Marathon is in order for The Avengers movie coming out on Friday.

(This is entirely seperate from my Stargate Series Rewatch, which will be starting tomorrow, on my 1year Stargate-versary.) Naturally, I started with Iron Man.

I've probably gone on about this before, but Iron Man is, in my opinion, the pinacle of superhero movies. It's well-paced, well-rounded, more or less believable, and, most importantly, not mind-numbingly shippy. It has a brilliant soundtrack, wonderful actors, and all those fun comic book-y shots.

More than that, though, Iron Man is on the superhero I, at least, can actually relate to. All the others require radioactive spiders and aliens and whatnot to be given their powers. To quote The Big Bang Theory: “I couldn’t become Green Lantern unless I was chosen by the Guardians of Oa. But given enough start-up capital and adequate research facility, I could be Batman.” Or, in this case, Iron Man - who is, at heart, a deeply flawed man who wants to make up his mistakes - the iconic anti-hero, which makes him even better than Batman in my eyes.

What I love most about this movie, however, is that it isn't some tired readaption of one of the big ones - Spider-man, Batman, or Superman. Iron Man is, realistically, one of the less well-known superheroes. And yet this movie is so well-done that they're working on a third one, plus the whole assembling business in The Avengers. Granted, Iron Man 2 is nowhere near as good as it's predecessor (a word it's taken me 10 min to spell), but the fact remains that Iron Man is the bar against all others must be tested.

Here's hoping The Avengers is worth all the time I'm putting into this.

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Okay, so I've never been a comic book fan, but I'm willing to be sucked in to the hype if someone will give me a synopsis of who these characters are and a vague plot description of the Avengers comics. All the fangirling on my flist has gotten to me, so I'm curious. ;)

Also, I'm so jealous you have all the Stargate discs. I have third season SGA and two of the later SG-1 movies, but none of the SG-1 discs, even though I watched it religiously in high school, every Friday night at 10. I almost had to miss a week one time when we vacationed in a cabin on the beach, until I found out the TV did get Sci-Fi channel. Whew. But that was years ago, and the plotlines didn't really stick with me so well. Maybe when I've finished the paralegal classes in July I will splurge on some of the discs.
I don't have all the discs - just SG1 S4-6. But Netflix streams them all instantly, so that's what I'm goign for. Never watched it until I got bored, saw them all, and thought, "Well, I've watched Star Trek, and Star Wars Might as well watch everything else with star in it as well." Which is how I ended up watching Battlestar Galactica too.

I've never been a comic book fan either and have only seen the movies, but everything you really need to know is on wikipedia. If you'd like, I can try to break it down for you, but I'm probably the wrong person to ask about it.

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