So, people came over to look at the house today, meaning I had to make myself scarce for a couple of hours (after some frantic cleaning.)

Anyway, I ended up spending a couple hours at the gym. During which I read the first 100 pages of a book about the history of insurgency and guerilla warfare. While listening to Gotye and Taylor Swift by turns on my iPod. While surrounded by aging republican retirees wearing more rosewater eu de toilette than the gym really calls for.

The absurdity of my life is almost paralyzing, I know. More so the fact that, in the locker room later, I overheard a conversation that basically amounted to one woman telling another she was going to South Africa (the country) for safari over the summer, and the other asking where South Africa is. Honest to blog.
Oh my god, she wanted to know where South America is? IT'S AN ENTIRE CONTINENT WHAT WHAT.
Still - what.

Though what I remember most from school is learning the countries of Europe. I don't remember spending much time on anything else...
Well, she was 50 or so, so for all I know it could've been genuine lack of knoweldge or early onset azltimers or something...

But still.

I remember getting bored during my European History final exam my 10th grade year and filling out the entire map that had been included on it just for something to do... 10th grade was a very disapointing year. Particuarly that history class. I ended up sitting on the floor of that class for the entire year, just 'cause I could, and having more free time than is genuinely smiled upon.
You're very good with history then? When I first started college, I took quite a few history classes. I love them~
Oh, love it. One of my goals in life is to eventually read an biography of every president and a history of every war the US has been involved in...

But, yeah. Love history. I was almost a political science major... might still do that, one day. Science was always my first love, though. Wanted to be an astronaut from the time I was like, 3, until I was about 12. And then it was a rocket scientist for a while... and then I fell in love with chemistry.

And now I sit at home, reading polysci books and watching SyFy.
Science and math are not my strong subjects, sadly. I do love history a lot though - I've always looked forward to History class, and I love watching the History Channel and such.

Wow, an astronaut to a rocket scientist to a chemist, eh?
I wanted to be a cop, a lawyer, and - in the words of my younger self - one of those people like on CSI. When I grew older and realized I was rather weak in the area of science and math, I gave up on being a forensic investigator.

Have you done another garage sale? I hope it went well! Or at least better than the first.
nah, we're holding off on the garage sale until we get a sunny weekend...

but the "csi" stuff probably would've been a good job... if it was anything like it was in RL like it was on the show. So take that as a consolation of sorts.
That makes sense.

*nod* I got a little older and realized it wasn't like it was on television, but I know a strong science background is probably still called for.