Thoughts on Slash

There are times when I wonder if the proponderance of slash fiction isn't simply a response to the derth of strong female charectors in Hollywood.

I mean, take Sherlock for instance. I love the show. It's possibly the most amazing thing I've seen in a while that is not SyFy - but it doesn't even pass stage two of the Bechdel Test (ie, the few women on the show don't even interact, let alone talk, to each other). Now, granted, I'm too much a fan of the John/Sherlock interaction to think this is the sole reason for the existance of that ship, but you've got to admit that's a part of it.

But it's not even really that. ST:IX has a kick-ass version of Uhura, but I still prefer Jim/Bones. Inception has was has to have been an epic love between Dom and Mal, but almost the entirety of the fandom I've seen (and my own interest) revolves around Arthur/Eames.... Hell, the various Marvel movies have had some various BAMF-y women in it, and yet the largest ship in that seems to be Steve/Tony who, it must be said, haven't even appeared on screen together or even in the same century as of this posting, though I suppose the upcoming Avengers movie and their various comic book histories negates this somewhat.

I could go on, except I really can't. I mean, take XMFC: there's something of an onscreen suggestion of Erik/Raven and Charles/Moria, and more than a little teasing about Hank/Raven, but almost everything is Erik/Charles. I couldn't even remember Moria's name the first two times I watched that movie, that is how uninteresting I found her....

I'm not really sure where this is coming from. Perhaps as a response to my Big Bang Theory watching, and my somewhat pathetic desire to find an actual way to make Leonard/Sheldon not creepy or Lolita-esque. Perhaps from my constant curiousity as to why it never, not even once, occured to me to pair any of the women on SGA with John or Rodney until I saw a few of the fics that had tried. IDK, only that I'm bored and thought I'd share it.

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Honestly, I think it's just because guys are pretty together, both physically and in how they act/react to one another.
99% of the time, I think it is a matter of chemistry. But then with the other 1% I have to wonder, why aren't there better female charectors, so that they can have a chance at chemistry with them? Or femslash? or whatever?
I think Hollywood is very definitely a man's world, and they just don't have a very good handle on women. And men want to feel like the saviors, they don't relate to the woman, so when they put themselves in the hero's shoes, they think, "I would totally want to be her hero and save her."

It just leads to weak, uninteresting characters that are a dime a dozen.

I'm not all that fond of many female Stargate characters. I love Sam, and I like Teyla, but I didn't care for Elizabeth or Keller. I wouldn't mind reading some Sam/Teyla if such a fic existed.

I have het ships, but I'm more devoted to my slash ships. You have me wondering about that now. I've always said that I loved the dynamic of my ships: I have a thing for people who bicker, who are sarcastic but close. If there was a het ship that had a relationship like that, would I still go with the slash ship? I wonder.

Totally pointless comment, on reflection.
IDK. I really don't. For me, any relationship is about the dynamics involved, but there are just so few decent female characters out there.

There are times when I think I don't have a good handle on women - or, at least, women in fiction - either. Writing Elizabeth is difficult, and writing Teyla's almost impossible. Sam's a little better, but then again she's a woman in a "man's" world, id est, science and the air force.

I think we're still "reinventing" the woman. At least as far as the media goes. Or even RL. Either way, it's annoying, and it bugs me, and am bored enough to spend a lot of time thinking about it.