The movement of small buildings, such as sheds, should not be left to rednecks. Sure, there are probably less difficult ways to transport these sorts of things than the one those who came to take away ours used, but I cannot think of them. Still, they get a "C" for creativity.

Ate up almost all of my morning, though, so I've worked out too little and eaten entirely too much. The result of which was that I watched the entire first disc of S2 of The Big Bang Theory in one sitting.

Curiously, the more I watch The Big Bang Theory, the more I want the Sheldon/Leonard ship. Thinking on it, it's less because of the show itself and more because the Sheldon/Leonard banter reminds me vaguely of the John/Rodney banter on SGA, which has to be the stupidest reason ever to ship something ever, but the fact remains.

There are only like 30 fics for that ship that I've found too on the whole of the internet, which probably says something more about me than my ISE abilities. Hell, I've found more and better Janeway/Chakotay VOY fics than Sheldon/Leonard ones, and that says something else entirely.

I probably need help.
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Ahaha, I think moving anything larger than a kitchen appliance should not be left to rednecks. What in particular did these shed-haulers do?

And, yeah, the Sheldon/Leonard banter is sort of McSheppish, but I think it's a little too geeky (on both sides). I think BBT does too good a job with making them het for me to want to slash them (much). But I could see that pairing a little bit.

(Mostly, they just remind me of my ex-boyfriend and several of our other college friends. The first time I saw that show, I remember thinking, 'Oh my god, I know these people. I go to school with these people.')

There are totally worse reasons to ship people. Like, they're pretty and on-screen together.
Let's just say a car jack and a trailer were probably not the right equiptment and leave it at that - actually, no, let's add where one truck had to winch the other out of the hole in dug in our driveway and leave it at that.

But I agree. It's entirely too geeky of banter to be really McSheppish, but it has its moments, and, in those, I fall into the shipping trap.

(I know what you mean about seeing other people in them, though. I've been told one too many times that I remind people of Sheldon for it really to be shaken off.)

You've a point about the shipping though. There are so many ships I just don't get that are probably formed for that very reason.
Oh, that's priceless. I mean, not that you have a big hole in your driveway now, but the other.

Sheldon is definitely my favourite in that he's so delightfully wacky, but Leonard is probably a lot more like me. And the episodes where the four of them are RPing? Yeah, we did that. Funnily enough, my ex was also a physics/math major and computer nut. It all just made it funnier.

I think an awful lot of het pairings suffer from 'ooh, shiny, they're on screen together' disease. House, for instance. And the entire McKeller arc on SGA that I'm constantly baffled by.
I think McKeller is something like the prevelence of catsuits in various Star Treks. IE, most male fans of the show are, presumably, geeky and would, presumably, like to be in a relationship with a woman like Keller. Ergo, the relationship exists, regardless of the sense of it.

I love Sheldon too. He's just... hillarious. And shares my people skills. It's hillarious 'cause my mom and I are SyFy/computer nuts ourselves, but my dad, who is very much neither, introduced us to the show. It's great when we watch it together, 'cause we never end up laughing at the same things.

I never liked any of the ships that came out of House. Except for maybe the occasional House/Wilson. Hell, McKeller made more sense than Huddy.
I think McKeller was the ultimate in self-insertion for the writers. Also, the geeky fanboy thing makes a lot of sense.

Oh, the ship that made the least sense ever on House was Chase/Cameron. "It's Tuesday and I like you" made me want to hurl. House/Wilson was at least good for comedic value.

My mom hates science fiction/fantasy, so we never really watch much TV. We used to do West Wing when it was good, and I dragged both her and my dad into Numb3rs, but I could never get either of them into anything else. And my dad, well known for his love of cheesy sci-fi from the fifties and goofy Three Stooges episodes, thought Classic Who was too silly. *sigh*
Chase/Cameron... I cannot think of one thing I liked about that ship. The whole "Tuesday" thing struck me as only slightly less creepy than the whole "sleep-stalking" thing in Twilight. Slightly.

McKeller = self-insertion definately. Or they were just that desperate for ratings by that point. Or something. IDK.

I have to admit that even I find classic Who too silly.

But my Mom and I are like the same person sometimes. We're both huge SyFy fans, though I'm a bit of a more hardcore fan than she is - between us we've about ten copies of the various Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy books, but I've still not been able to get her to finish Foreigner. Dad... well, he could barely get into the LotR movies. In fact, the only real SyFy I've ever seen him willingly watch is 2001, but that may have been more for Mom's sake than his own interest.
I think the big BBT ship is Sheldon/Penny? At least, I have a friend who ships it, and she's read quite a bit of it.
I guess I can see where they're coming from for Sheldon/Penny, but I've absolutely no interest in it myself.

though, I must admit, the few Sheldon/Leonard ones I've read are kind of creepy.
I haven't read any BBT fic, though I admit to some curiosity on how the fans are writing Sheldon/Penny. Sheldon seems so asexual to me, so how would that work?
Idk, but the sheldon/Leonard I've read all seems to predicate on the attractiveness of sheldon's "childlike innocence". Thus the creepy.
I've yet to decide if it's more or less creepy than Lolita. Probably less -but only because Sheldon's legally an adult.
Yeaaah, probably Lolita is a bit creepier. Still, the Sheldon/Leonard stuff you read isn't that far behind, IMO.
BBT Slash
When I first got into Big Bang Theory (which was about four months ago), I really adored the banter between just about everyone, but yeah - especially Leonard and Sheldon. And I really wanted to slash, but I couldn't see it. I mean it seems like it would be ripe for me to pick up and run with, but I just couldn't do it for some reason... BBT is like Warehouse 13 for me - I desperately want to slash Agent Pete, but not with anybody on the show (including Jinks).

Then I found the one pairing that I did like in BBT - and that's Sheldon/Dr Summers (the guy he asks if he's in a sexual relationship in the cafeteria). There're a few stories written in the pairing that I have found, the best being a two-parter called "The Closet Theorum" and it's sequel, "The Ejaculation Calculation".
Re: BBT Slash
Oh my. I totally get what you're getting at too. All of the Leonard/Sheldon I've found so far reads too much like Lolita for me to really get into.

It's not just slash in BBT though. I'm really not a fan of any of the ships, het or slash, that I've found online. I just don't see Sheldon/Penny, which seems to be the most popular, and I never cared for Leonard/Pryia even in the show... Le sigh. You'd think something like this would be rife with fic, but it's really, really not