So, I was looking up things from Greek and Roman mythology that I could use for spaceship names and generally trying to get over the insanity that was my parents' garage sale (seriously, the amount of stuff we sold was obscene, almost as much as the stuff that's left over - which fills the entirety of the back of my car and 1/3 of the garage), and discovered the myth of Prometheus was a huge influence for Karl Marx. That, in fact, Prometheus has come to be a symbol of socialism and communism.

I wonder if the writers of SG-1 realized this when they named the X-303 Prometheus.
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Actually, according to research I did for a paper on SGA/SG-1, that's entirely likely. The SG-1 writers in particular seem to like to do things that both paint the (US) government in a negative, greedy light as per politicians/bureaucrats, while also idealising parts of it. A socialist reading of the show is not entirely accurate, but there are things that fit, like the way SG-1 uses its knowledge and advanced technology for the betterment of oppressed societies and attempts to spread it around more evenly. I didn't know that about the Prometheus interpretation, though. Neato.

/dorktastic academic unloading of the contents of my brain ;)
Yeah, while the whole stealing fire from the gods reading of the myth is entirely approrpiate for SG-1, the socialistic side is less so. I mean, yes, they're not entirely up on politicians and greediness and the like, but they're also very positive about the USAF - which isn't very socalisit....

Hmmm. Now that I think about it, a semi-socialist (in the same manner that Star Trek is semi-socialist) society in the making is possibly one of the best ways to interprety the show...
Yeah, I discovered something along those lines; the shows treat 'The Military' as a whole somewhat like they treat politicians (think of the quasi-military NID identified with people like Maybourne and Kinsey as well as Sheppard's Big Air Force black mark for disobeying orders in Afghanistan), but elevate the small group of elite SGC military personnel.

Yes, exactly! There are a lot of similarities between the command structure of Trek and the SGC. Trek tended to downplay being military to an extent, but it was one of the first military-themed sci-fi shows to display that kind of semi-socialism. (We are such geeks, lol.)
We ARE geeks, but there's nothing wrong with that,

But perhaps semi-socialism is the wrong word. Maybe it's something more in line with a meritocracy with an edge of "each according to his needs" and a less obvious concern towards self-improvement. Given the right conditions, something vaguely trek-like could arise Out of sg1 and sga, but given the more military tone of both, that's probably an extreme possibility. More like we'd see something like pre-coalition ent arrise, perhaps giving way to something more alliance of the 4 races in the far far future.
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