recruiting update #5

It takes me 75 min to drive up to the Big City. I got there at 9:15 for a 9:30am appointment I was supposed to have with my recruiter to sign the new contract for the nuke job. There was some snafu, and so nothing actually happened, save me reading the entirety (minus 20 pages, which I read yesterday) of The Good Soliders. And then it was 2pm and he told me just to go home, and hopefully it'd be cleared up by tomorrow.
I'm mostly annoyed, and have had to reschedule my PT for 5:30pm tonight, and have other stuff to do besides, and only got home 15 min ago (which is to say, at 3:15pm), and if I didn't want this nuke job so badly I'd just say forget it all.
Le sigh. And now to go workout, 'cause I've not done anything at all today but sit in an office chair and read.
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