recruiting update #4

Just got a call from my recruiter. They found me a seat in the nuclear program, so they're going to rerate me - which means, basically, a cooler job (this one, actually) and more school and a signing bonus, and the posibility of serving on subs, which they're in the process of opening to women.

It's not finalized yet, so I'm trying not to get to excited, but I should know by Wensday night what's going on.
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Oh, yay! Congratulations! And it's about time they started opening subs to women. I'm glad you get to do the job you really wanted, now, too.
I know. If things keep going this way, I'm going to have to start investing in happier/more squee-ful icons.
Hee. I forget where I got my Joe Flanagan squee icon, but I find it expresses things rather nicely. ;) David Tennant has some great squee expressions, too.