I'm In!!!!

So, I had to be up at 3:30am to get to the Big City by 5:45am so I could rephysical today, but, finally, finally, finally it's done:
I'm in!!!!!

Sure, it's not the nuke job I originally wanted (those slots were full), but it's a cool job. It's called Advanced Electronics / Computer Field, or AECF, and it's actually what my recruiter does when he's not recruiting... But, yeah, it's 11 weeks of Basic at Great Lakes, in Illinois, and then about 9 weeks of A school and 15 weeks or so of C school, also at Great Lakes, before I get a duty assignment, but it should be amazing.

Anyway, I ship on 3 July. I plan to get as much of the Ancient!John 'verse as I can done before then (Basic doesn't have internet access. Or computer access) and, with luck, pick it back up afterwards. In partical celebration (and partial moving) I'm going up to the Mountains to visit mom tomorrow and won't be back until Thurs night, but, yeah... I'm estatic. And tired. I only got home half hour or so ago... which is to say, 6:30pm ish. Though I did get Dad to take me to Outback afterward for steak. And cheesecake. I'm stuffed and happy. What more can a person want?
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The AECF sounds amazing - I'm in awe *nod* Good luck with Basic, by the way - another friend of mine left for hers about a month ago. I'll miss you!
I'm not gone yet - but thanks! I'm happy with the way things turned out. Even if they had to stick me 3 times to get all the blood they needed (once in the hand, and god, that hurts.

Anyway, I'm so tired all I think I'm good for is watching old top gears and falling asleep in an hour or so, so... nite! and thanks again!
Getting blood drawn is no fun :( *Especially* not when they resort to getting it from the hand. But at least it's all over and you're in!
Congradulations! Now if only I can get that internship I want...too bad I'm competing with almost 100 other candidates!