6 Degrees of Seperation

I've been internet surfing today. And, while trying to find the name for languages (such as Romulan) whose counting systems start at "0" rather than "1," I stumbled across the Memory Alpha article for Tom Hardy. Which isn't suprising, as he was Shinzon in Nemesis (though the fact that he started dating ENT's Hoshi Sato not long after is). No, it's the fact that he apparently beat out SG-1's Michael Shanks for the role.

Now, granted, Daniel Jackson is one of the better parts of SG-1, in my opinion, even if his RL persona doesn't seem like too great a guy, but I just can't see Shanks as Shinzon. I mean... Shinzon was a cloned version of Picard raised by particularly nasty Romulans, and, for all the times Jackson goes evil in SG-1, I just can't see him in the part. But Memory Alpha seems to imply he was a strong contender.

But still. Weird.
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