Lie To Me commentary

You know your life is bad when you start watching subtitled Korean soap operas. Lie To Me turns out to be the translated name of one of these - which is more a fake marriage turned real relationship show than a crime procedural or whatever the Fox show of the same name is.

At first it was just bad. In a silly sort of amusing way, but then it just got horrifically bad, like a crack!fic gone wrong. I mean, sure, there's probably some cultural differences at play, but the girl - a 27 year old spinster - reminded me more of a silly teenager than a woman a 35 year old successful businessman would want to marry. And the way he kept physically moving her was weird - by which I mean, grabbing her hands and pulling her along and just physically pulling her where he wanted her to go - and it wasn't just him. All the guys did this with all the girls.

But, mostly, I'm sorta confused. And ill that I watched it. I mean, it wasn't bad, it was just... nonsensical. At least to me. But it was on Netflix and I hadn't seen it, so....

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