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So, I get up at 3:20 this morning so I can be at MEPS (the in-processing centre for the military; ie, the place where scenes like that one in Captain America, where he's not allowed to enlist for the 4th time, take place) by 5:45 am. I get there, I go to the desk they tell me to go to, and they don't have my paperwork.

Okay, that's fine, but then they send me to another desk, and then another office, and, the final just of it is, after 4 hours of waiting, my paperwork was nowhere to be found, and so they have to redo my entire physical... which means spending another day up there and, hopefully, getting my contract then. It's annoying and the soonest it can possibly be is Thurs, if that.

I'm trying to look on the bright side - more time to bring my weight down - but, god, I'm PO'ed, though nowhere near as much as my dad is. But, anyway, I'm going to swimming or something now so I don't start screaming, so... yeah
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not as sorry as I am. I spent 3 hours watching Korean soap operas to drown my troubles. That's pretty low.
I don't think anybody could feel as sorry as you do over the entire situation - you're the one that had to live it :(
tell me about it. Though like I said, bright side is I'm definately going to be under the weight now. that's how I'm trying to veiw it.