the Hunger Games commentary

So I reread The Hunger Games on tuesday while on the tredmill. It was so engrossing and on-the-edge-of-your-seat that I did 16 miles to finish it, regardless of the fact I can usually barely manage 12 without dying.

Then I went to see the movie today. And, like I expected, it was a big letdown.

Which isn't to say that it wasn't interesting, it's just the book was very mental - with nearly all of the major action, the heartbreak, the emotion happening in Katness' head - and that sort of thing just doesn't translate well onto the screen. For instance, when Prim's name is called in the book, I started weeping when I read it. In the movie, I was just kinda bored, as there'd really been little set up as to why this was a bad thing. In fact, the one and only emotionally charged scene in the movie (or, at least, the only one that made me feel something) was when Rue dies and District 11 riots. That made me cry a little.

But mostly I was bored. And, without having read the books, you don't get that she's just playing at being in love with Peeta. In fact, without having read the books, you don't get why anyone would be so devoted in love with her. Or, at least, I don't.

In fact, my one lasting memory from the movie was from one the previews - the one for Breaking Dawn, pt. 2, in which Edward says, "We're the same temperature now," and I wonder in my head what kind of world we're living in if that is taken to be a declaration of love, or something.

All in all, I prefered her in Winter's Bone and XFC, was unimpressed by the other actors completely, and think I'll try my hand at writing some before reading the new Top Gear RPS comm I joined, which may well, sadly enough, be the highlight of my day.
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I haven't read The Hunger Games - I keep meaning to, but my emotions are so strongly effected by what I read that I'm always nervous when I'm starting something angsty.

The general consensus seems to be that the movie was pretty good? But yeah, movies never convey everything, sadly.

But you've convinced me to give the books a try :D
I just had a lovely long comment that lj deleted because my ie went wacky for a moment...

But mostly it amounted to the fact that, for all the first book was amazing and the other two were decent enough that I was hooked enough to stay up into the wee hours finishing them, the movie itself was uninspiring. I mean, it's not everyday when you can say the book was more gorey than the movie (and that book has to be one of the bloodiest things I've ever read.) I mean, despite absolulely *hating* the Twilight movie, I was inspired enough to read the books afterwards - and hate them with an even more deeply blinding passion. This... well, like I said. I was kinda bored.

That, and my amazement that apparently the actress' RL boyfriend is the guy who plays Hank in XFC, which is something I'd never would have guessed watching the movie.
I really hate when that happens :\

Hmmm. I get what you mean - some books just aren't easily translated to the big screen, and it leads to situations such as this. I can't stand anything Twilight, tbh. I tried reading the first book when it first came out, and I didn't even reach halfway before I had to return it to the library. And I haven't even attempted to watch the movie.

OH WOW SERIOUSLY? The actress is dating Hank from XMFC?! I did not know this O_______o
Oh, I loathe Twilight, but it's so much fun to mock. I mean, during the BD2 preveiw at the movie, I thought some of the middle-aged fan-girls in the theatre (as the schools weren't out yet) might've fallen out of their seats in joy.
Twilight is definitely fun to mock - it's why there's something like 2 spoof movies and a spoof book. Its so ridiculous and yet takes itself seriously, which just invites mockery.

Yeah, several of my aunts love the books, and I always go :\ I think the only positive thing that can be said about Twilight was that it got people reading - even if what they were reading was shit.