recruiting update

So, finally got my recruiter on the phone. The official day is now next tuesday. Fingers crossed.

In other news, I now have an idea for a Major Teldy installment in my Ancient!John 'verse, which is insane because she doesn't come in for ages yet. I may have to bring her in S3 or so rather than S5 just so I can write it.
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Ooo. I don't believe the show ever said that she was new to Atlantis or anything, so it's plausible she'd been around for awhile~
I was mostly looking for a charecter I could make from the South as part of the back story, sorta as a goodbye and good riddance to where I live, and wanted to do another Lorne before I realized he was a San Fran boy, so then I thought... Teldy, and there it was. A fully formed story popping into my head as I walked around the block this afternoon.
I wish fully formed plots would smack me upside the head.

Lorne is TOTALLY a San Fran boy *nod*
He is... which works, I mean, I just like writing Lorne. He's fun. I've a tenative story idea for him too, but it's very S2, so I might finish the season and move on to S3 for a while before coming back to it....
yeah, I really want to finish S2 though. I've been at it so long I'm starting to have a complex about it.