Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties (read: the paperwork purgatory that is anything to do with the goverment) have prevented today's enlistment. The new Contract Day is the 20th...

I spent 3 hours on the tredmill this morning. After a nap, I went to the pool. I'm feeling the urge for yet another nap and have probably not taken in half the calories I expended today and am, thusly, liable to eat everything in sight... or, well, would if there was anything to eat here at the moment. And the fact that I promised myself I wouldn't. This is liable to be the deal until I actually sign the contract, so netflix-available movie suggestions are quite welcome.

That being said, I've a feeling the next week will go by fast, if only because I seem poised to spend a great deal of it sleeping.
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Three hours on the treadmill?!?! Wow... Longest I've gone is like 75 minutes, which was a 6+ mile run for me, though out on the pavement.

If you want a totally absorbing movie that'll reel you in and have you forget just about everything for hours, try "The Man from Earth". I was so blown away by it, I had to almost immediately re-watch it with my hubby. It's streaming on Netflix at:
Re: Oy!
Hmmm... I've seen The Man From Earth, but not for a while, so it might just be enough from losing my sanity after going for that long. I agree with you, it is pretty amazing.

But, yeah, 3 hours. It was like 11 miles in the end, 'cause I had to slow down after the 8 mile mark. It's a little extreme even more me, but I guess I've got to get used to it. Le sigh.