Black Hawk Down commentary

I've never actually seen this movie the whole way through before today. I've watched parts of it with my Dad and brother, but never actually have seen it from the begining. And just let me say Oh My God.

The thing I hate about most war movies is that they're all about the glory and the wonder of war and whatnot. This was... this was very real. Gritty. Honest. Makes you feel something. I watched the entire thing on the tredmill without once getting the urge to see how much time was left (as I guilt myself into staying on the tredmill for long periods of time by watching long movies). Needless to say, I managed to go nine miles without being able to tear my eyes away from the screen, and that says something.

And then, of course, there's the fact that my Dad was in the Army for 23 years, and in Special Forces for 19. He wasn't in Somalia at the time, but I've heard enough stories about his experiences in the Middle East for there to be that added layer there. Add to that a lot of big name actors showed up in it that I wasn't expecting - or, at least, big name now - and it was like... wow.

I'm in emotional termoil because of this movie. I'd planned to go see Acts of Valour later today... but now I don't know if I can take two of those sorts of movies in one day....
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