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So, I've been taking walks outside lately because the weather's been so nice, and my walks usually end up taking me by the elementary school nearby. I never went to it, but my brother and sister did... and, well, with my birthday coming up I somehow managed to come to the bizzare and somewhat startling realization that, had I been born anywhere else in the world, or a hundred or two years ago, or whatever, I'm old enough now to have a kid old enough to almost be done with elementary school.

I don't know why, but this just freaks me out entirely. I mean, I'm in mid/early twenties and only only now starting to get my life together. What the fuck did I know ten years ago about children? I was still a kid myself - capable of having kids, physically, but still just a kid.

Never have I been so glad to live in this age, in this place, in all my life.

It's a strange thought, I know, but one I felt the need to share.
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I've often had similar thoughts. Not about elementary school, but every now and then I'll pause and go, "If this was one hundred years ago, I would be married with children right now." And then I feel grateful and go about my business *nod*
I've had them before, but they've never struck home like that before. Like I said, I think it must be an upcoming bday thing. Or hormones. Or something.

Granted, my father still occasionally thanks me for not having children, but that doesn't change the fact that people I went to high school with are married and having kids of their own right now.

Stupid hormones.
I know just what you mean. My best friend in middle school has been married and has two children. It's...astonishing. When the hell did I grow up?