Just a Thought

You know, I've been getting a lot of comments about how I'm a sappy romantic and how my fics are just adorable lately. I'm not complaining - I love comments of all types - but I am mildly concerned, considering the usual tone of my previous fics has been along the lines of OMG you are so evil and whatnot. It gives me the urge to kill someone off (in a fic, of course).

Thank god I've already plans for the rest of S2.
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I wouldn't say you're sappy. Your fic lately *has* been more romantic to your other fic, comparatively. But when I think about some sappy McShep I've read, your fic is a lot more tame.

/cannot find accurate words to explain what she means
*dabs brow* well, that's a releif, I guess. But still. As I think I've said before, I wrote a fic once just to kill someone off at the end of it, after the big fight scene. I guess that's the problem, though, when writing inheriantly sappy things... hmmm...

But the "Michael" and "Aliies"/"No Man's Land"/"Misbegotten" fics are coming up soon, so... drama, I guess.

IDK. I'm working on the "Aurora" fic now, and might just have to do something terrible in it, just to shake off the whole sappy thing.
Well, considering I don't know what real terrible things I could put into the "Aurora" rewrite, you're safe... for now.

"Michael" thought... that has potential. (Actually, I've been planning something for this one for ages and, inadvertantly, through a convo we had like ages ago, it might be your fault. Maybe.)
I'd tell you, but that would give things away.

If it's any help, it's only dimly your fault. I think you said something about a certain charecter, and that somehow gave me an idea for a whole installment