The Ancient!John 'Verse Sountrack [DRAFT]

So, this whole making a soundtrack thing is a lot harder than it sounds. Partly because, well, what on earth do you do for a series like the Ancient!John 'verse? Not that I'm trying to say my series is more difficult than any other to create a mix for, only that, well, it's kinda like indexing your own book, if you know what I mean.

And I can't even really post a list of things I listen to while writing, mostly because those things have almost no corrolary to what I happen to be writing at the time. So here's what I have, in a vauge sort of order, with commentary:

[This is the most bizzare combination of music possibly ever, but is a healthy sampling of my musical tastes.]

1. The Lost Age:
Loreena Mckennitt - "The Emigration Tunes"

[The second thing he notices is the noise. Atlantis had never been quiet, not even when she'd been empty, but this was more than just the quiet, sleepy song of a slumbering city...]

2. Ten Thousand Two Hundred Three Years (Nineteen Days, Seven Hours, Twenty-Two Minutes):
The Airborne Toxic Event - "All At Once"

[It seems like a single day to him, those thousands of years he spent cajoling Atlantis to spend less and less power, to sacrifice some of the lower levels to maintain structural integrity elsewhere, having passed in the blink of an eye. He's never felt so tired in his life.]

3. Last Ancient in the Universe
Eastern Conference Champion - ”Hell Or High Water”

[He misses the others.]

4. Atlantis Sleeps:
Fredric Chopin - "Nocturne No. 2, Op. 9 in E-flat Major"

5. Neo-Nazi Revelations:
Mona - "Listen to your Love"

[And it's at that moment, inside a Genii lab where he was being held hostage in exchange for bomb-making materials and knowledge, that Rodney realizes that he might just be in love with John Sheppard.]

5. The Storm:
Coldplay - "Fix You"

[Before he can think better of it, his hands fly to Rodney's shoulders, then up, briefly, to cup his face before running down his arms, probing for injuries he cannot see. He must be saying something, though he'll be damned if he knows what, because Rodney's whispering again, telling him, over and over again, "I'm alright. I'll be alright," before what he's saying sinks in. Rodney's fine. He'll be okay. The only way he'll die right now is if their plan doesn't work, and it will never work if he doesn't stop wasting their precious time and let McKay get on with saving the day.]

6. Iohannes Ascends:
Journey - "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)"

[It's a perfect kiss, as if John's going for something he's going to be able to look back at for the rest of eternity and think in this moment, I was happy, and, when he pulls back, Rodney can already feel him growing more insubstantial, a bright white light pouring from his body...]

7 Destiny:
Thirty Seconds To Mars - ”This Is War”

[He expects to feel sick, rather like he had when Ascension had seemed the only way he could save those he cares about, but, surprisingly, he doesn't. He feels genuinely calm and at peace with his decision, rather like he'd always been told really successful meditation should feel like. As if, in this act, he's discovered the perfection of creation. The beauty in the physics. The music in the mathematics. The unexpected drama in life itself, its actors and its stories and the way that just one person, one action, can change the history of the whole universe.]

8. Atlantis Mourns:
Josh Grobin - "London Hymn"

9. Martyred:
Florence + The Machine's "No Light, No Light"

[The screen shows an explosion, more massive than he's ever seen, and the blue dot that represents John and his puddle jumper is gone. He can't even watch to see how many ships he's destroyed with this latest bit of idiocy because it doesn't matter how many fewer enemies they have now, how much better of a chance they have of surviving because of him because death isn't like Ascension, and there isn't[ any hope he'll come back. Not now. Not ever. And even if they manage to survive now, it doesn't matter, because John's not here, and, and...]

10. Iohannes Remembers:
Linkin Park - "The Cataylst"

["They've had ten thousand years worth of front row access to everything that the Wraith have done. I'm willing to bet that's had to make some of them change their minds."]

11. Coma:
Jimmy Eat World - "Hear You Me"

[...but, God, how can she expect him to listen to anything she says when John's in the infirmary and has been for over an hour without Carson being able to find a sign that anything wrong with him other than the fact that he can't – or won't – wake up.]

12. An Unlikely Love Song:
Mumford and Sons - "Roll Away Your Stone"

[...John's the best thing to ever happen to him, the one and only person in the universe who, even if he doesn't understand Rodney one hundred percent of the time, gets him in a way no one else has ever been able to. And while Rodney suspects he'll never know all there is to know about Iohannes Ianidedus Licinus Pastor or even his Americanized John Sheppard incarnation, he also knows that he's probably the only person who's ever tried.]

idk... more breadth maybe. I'll think on it. it's another pick dad up from Mountain house (and thus drive 7+hours) day, so...