This Means War commentary

To celebrate my last day at the grocery store from hell, I went to see This Means War after work. Now, Chris Pine is one of my favourite actors, and I enjoyed Eames, a la Tom Hardy, in Inception. And let me just say, my expectiations for this movie weren't very high to begin with. But I was surprised.

It was worse than I could have possibly imagined. In fact, the story line was more disturbing (and squick-y) in movie format than the preveiws would lead you to believe, and I couldn't get in to any of the charectors. Hell, I didn't even know what they're names were supposed to be until halfway through the thing.

Granted, parts of it were funny, but it was the type of thing that I doubt anyone would buy the dvd of. Or willingly submit to a second veiwing of. Mostly, it just makes me want to watch Inception and read some decent Arthur/Eames fiction to wash to taste out of my mouth.

(Actually, thinking of it, the film probably would have been better if it had centered more on the bromance - or possibly a real romance, though both charecters were so under developed that even I couldn't make a fic out of it - between Tuck and FDR. But it wasn't, so...)
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Yeah, I have no interest in watching it. NOT my type of movie, sorry boys.
The worst part about it honestly was that, after all of that, I discovered my hard copy of Inception is now with the parents and it's seemily unavailble for download everywhere I've looked... so I've been rereading fanfic and trying to write.

The writing's going well, though a quick wiki through the boys' past movies has left me for a ST:IX/ST:VIII xover, as, obviously, Pine is the nu!Kirk, and Hardy was, apparently, cloned!Picard. I've no idea how it could possibly work, but I want to see someone try.
Actually, I have a copy of Inception on my computer. I could upload it to mediafire, have you download it, and then take it down. If you want?

I've no idea how it could possibly work, but I want to see someone try.

I'm not sure how that would work either, though my uncertainty stems more from being completely unfamiliar with Picard. Surely *someone* could make it work? There's lots of talented people out there.
nah. I want to watch it, but not enough to have to go through all that trouble. Thanks for the offer though. Fanfic is seeing me through, for the moment.

IDK how it could possibly work either, but I'm a bit of a fan of impossible crossovers. (I'm personally waiting for the day when someone does a ST:IX/Xena/Hercules/Thor one, with Kirk as the Son of Thor and Bones as Cupid. The day somone does a nice long one of that, I'll be set)

Le sigh. And I've just decided everything I've written tonight works better as a onesie, so now to find an appropriate quote for it and post...
It would have been no problem, but if you're sure the fanfic is tiding you over, then that's fine too :D


That incredibly complicated crossover, I think.
Well, Xena and Hercules had Karl Urban playing cupid, so that's really only one there. Thor had Chris Helmsworth playing Thor, and ST:IX had him playing George Kirk. So... not really.
Still means I want to see it. caitri had done drabbles in it, but nothing really big...