The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #21

Friday I was scheduled to work 5pm-1:30am. I was called and told to come in at 7pm. Then I had to hang out until 9pm - off the clock - until the truck arrived; I only survived by making a paperclip chain in the back office, otherwise I might've gone well and truely mad. And then we stocked - until 4:30am - and blocked the store - until 7am. People were coming in to open up the store before we were finished for the night.

Needless to say, this well and truely threw off my sleep schedule. (And my hormones; I spent most of yesterday weepy for as yet determined reasons; it's bothering me how often that's happened lately.) And my writing schedule. But that's mostly recovered, and I should be able to finish ME2 before the 6th. Dad's even changed his mind and isn't coming down here until the 5th, so I don't even have to go up to the Mountains before then.

But now for my last week at the grocery store from hell. 7am-12pm all week, just cleaning. Boring, but easy. God, how I won't miss the place.
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