Centurion commentary

I'll admit it. I have a problem. After two watch throughs of X-men: First Class, I'm midly addicted. I tried watching X-Men and X-Men: Last Stand to see if it was just an X-men/superhero thing, but, no matter how much I like some of the bigname actors in those, I just couldn't get into either movie. (X2 isn't available on netflix or itunes). So, obviously, it must be the actors. Regretably, most of James McAvoy's stuff is either not on netflix or children's stuff, which I find both regretable and mildly amusing. But a couple of Michael Fassbender's stuff is available. And today I watched his Centurion while on the tredmill. And let me say just one thing about it:

Stop what you're doing and watch it.

It's not a deep movie. It is, at it's heart, an action thriller. But there's enough meat on the bones to make it worth your wild. It is acturate enough in Roman military detail not to have annoyed me too terribly while watching it, and fast-paced/interesting enough to hold my attention the entire time (as I've a horrible tendency to give up on movies after ten minutes if I can't get into them, at least, I do while I'm on the tredmill). I liked Fassbender's part in it, and was tickled pink that the guy who places Mickey in Doctor Who had a part in it as well. And, as for violence... it was gory beyond all belief - enough to make me wonder if they give out N17 ratings for blood alone - but in a way that was, if not terribly realistic, at least more so than most action movies. And the fight scenes were amazing beyond all belief.

My only problem with the movie is the love-interest bit, but even that is small, subtle, and limited as far as hollywood is concerned. My preoccupation with the actors' acents was enough to keep the romance from being too awful. ]

I do like how they made the Roman conquest of Britian very alluding to the Iraq War - proving, for those few who don't already know, that there is nothing new under the sun.

Anyway, I like it, and if you've any interest in a movie vaugely like Taken only with swords... well, watch it.
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