The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #19

I reported to work at 6pm yesterday. I did not get off until 5:30 this morning. A combination of the delivery truck being two and a half hours late and the fact it was one of the largest trucks we've had since I've been their mean that we did not even finish stocking until 3am, and the rest of the time was spent conditioning the store. I also had to run milk twice - and it was utterly devistated both times, meaning that we must've sold well over 200 gallons of milk in the time I was there (well, from 6pm to 11pm, when the store closes). Apparently there's a snow threat this weekend. Which is hillarious, as it's so warm I've the windows open.

But, anyway, exceptionally bitter. And tired in that whole beatdown, I want to curl up and sleep for a week way, but not the actual sleepy sense. Only managed to sleep in til 10:30, because that's how it goes, and couldn't even gater up the energy to work out until after noon. Watched X-Men while doing so because I enjoyed XFC so much - but my reveiw on that later.
All I know is, parents are in the Mountains for the weekend (Mom is now permanently moved up there, more or less, and Dad's just doing the whole moving commute thing for the moment), and I've finally had time to ME2. I probably've overcompensated a bit and played far too much today, but Dad's back on and off next week and I've got to do the whole 350-miles-round-trip thing again next Tues, so... Yeah. ME3's out on the 6th too, and I'm barely that far along in the game, so I've a lot of playing to do...

But ideas for part 2 of "1 March 2012" are perculating, and I'm just trying to tidy up the final (at last) chappie of "Socii", so there should be writings up soon. Hopefully.
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It's plan ultimately failed, however - you've finished it. Or have one last chapter to go, I can't remember which. EITHER WAY, YOU DEFEATED IT. *nod*
Yeah. And then dad called and had me do the 200 mile drive to bring him home this time, and so my plans are temporarily in shambles.
true... though it might've been closer to 300 miles... IDK. all I know is I got nothing done I wanted to yesterday, and I'm going to go ahead and turn in my 2weeks at the grocery store today because, well, the insanity must end...
300 miles, jesus. That's quite a drive to take. Is that both ways, or only one way? Either way D: D: