My diploma came in the mail today, never mind the fact that I graduated in July, had to reapply for graduation in November due to a hideous filing error, and recieved a letter last friday telling me that I needed to take a class entitiled a survey of mathmatics to graduate - and this, mind, with my calculus credits.

But, apparently, the issue's been resolved (either with or without my lovely email to my former advisor), and I've the paper at last to prove I'm a college graduate.

I should be more excited, but I'm more pleased I managed to finish ME1 today before Mom came home, and before I have to spend 3+ hours driving up to the Mountains to pick up Dad from his new house and drive him back to our current one, for reasons that are too baroque (and bizzare) for me to understand. Just how I wanted to spend my after-work time tomorrow.

Though, speaking of work, I was talking with my boss today and, for all the man reminds me of Micky Mouse in personality, I was suddenly struck by how much like Adolf Hitler he looks. Sure, the mustache is slightly bushier, but still. It was kinda creepy.

T-29 days to Contract Day.
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Congrats on getting your diploma in the mail! My school keeps fucking me over, so I totally understand how much it sucks :\

Mickey Mouse personality + Adolf Hitler looks = mind blown
yeah, it was kinda freaky, to say the least.

But at least it's a diploma, I guess. good luck with yours