The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #18

So, RL has certainly made things difficult on the whole writing/breathing front this week. I've gone from being lucky to get 22 hours a week at work to having to leave my shift early because I hit forty and overtime is the devil, or something like that. But they've hired 6 new cashiers to take over the front end, so it looks like I won't have to be doing that again for a while, and, by my schedule next week, I'm probably on cleaning duty for most of it.

I'm thinking of just taking my name off my nametag and replacing it with gopher. Seriously, I've done Front End, dairy, and my usual job all this week. The only departments I've not worked in have been meat, produce, and deli, and that's only because you need specialized skills or something for those.

But whatever. It's the 12th. On the 27th I turn in my two weeks, and on March 13th I sign my contract with the Navy. T-30 days and counting. Granted, not just quiting whenever something really peeves me off has been a challenge, but I will stick it out. And, hopefully, I'll find time to finish ME soon too because, despite my strong push last week, I've not been able to play at all for 10 days or so - less because of work than because Dad being home makes that sort of thing difficult.

Oh well. He's not here today, and, after tredmilling, the TV - and thus the XBox - are all mine. And, when I get tired of that, I've "Socii" to finish up and some cleaning-house things to do on my lj...

Life is, more or less, good.
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just (litterally) got back from an 8hour round trip to pick up dad from Mountain house. On plus side, I finally got to see said house, a month after purchase. On minus, I just drove 350 miles after work to pick him up when he has a perfectly servicable car of his own and needs my brother to drive him back on sunday.
le sigh.
how are you?
But. But if he has a perfectly serviceable car, why are you driving to pick him up and your brother to get him back?

I'm doing good - had a regular day, except for a couple virtual V-Day gifts. Really, today feels like any other day.
something to do with gas milage, which is nulled when you consider the fact I had to drive both ways. I don't claim to understand it. It actually wasn't too terrible until the last hour.. Cranky dads are no fun.
glad you had a good day though. it's alwyays good to know *someone* has
Yeah, that doesn't make sense. When it comes to my parents doing stuff like that, I find it's better to just go with it.

Cranky dads are no fun.

Yeaaah, not at all.

I'm sorry you didn't have a good day :(
I'm just curious as to what he's going to do when he remembers he left two settings of dishes here and that there are now three people at the house.
probably not, no. he'll probably wake me up at 5 in the morning packing things unnessicarily loudly too... and generally being a giant grump. I swear, I can't wait until I'm finally out of here. I love my parent,s but, god. space. I want it. bad.
I don't blame you, if that's what's been going on :\

Sounds like you'll have space soon though XD