X-Men: First Class Commentary

So, I may be the last person in the Western Hemisphere to watch X-Men: First Class, but I did so today on the tredmill... and, let me say starting out, I'm not a big fan of the Marvel movies. Granted, I'm actually kinda a fan of Iron Man, and am more than sorta looking forward to the Avengers movie, but X-Men: First Class is definately a step above the other X-Men movies.... Or, at least, the bits of those I've seen.

My thoughts? Well, firstly, young Erik's reaction to setting his mother killed seems dreadfully out of proportion. Granted, my mother's never been killed in front of me, but it's like he gets angry, gets really angry, and then suddenly calms down. It's very weird and may have more to do with the child actor than the actual reaction itself.

Secondly, young Professor X? Quite amazing. (And not just because of the accent, though I'm a sucker for a good British accent, though I do wonder why a boy from NY has a british accent and a German Jew has an American accent.)

Thirdly? Hank and Mystique's not-quite-love-story was just trite and cliche and kinda offputting, actually. But the whole Charles/Erik angle (which is, honestly, the whole reason I watched the movie, wanting to find new fic to read online and knowing that caitri is working on a XFC modern day AU) is quite interesting, and I found it the most enjoyable part of the movie. Honestly, I've got to wonder if the writers intenionally put all these not-quite realized gay romances into movies, because the studios won't fund honest-to-god ones, or if it's just my fic-coloured glasses coming on at this point. (Cue question: can anyone name any major TV show besides Buffy and Torchwood with major gay/lesbian charecters?)

Fourth: Ending was decent, though midly ruined by kiss-from-nowhere between Charles and CIA girl whose name I never actually picked up on. (Add same between Erik and Mistique, which was more than a little pervy, given the age difference and whatnot.)

Fifth, and last, I forsee the fics I will soon read will be the best part of this movie. Though, as I'm in a superhero mood, I'm currently downloading Iron Man for a rewatch, as well as Captain America (because, dispite hating the movie, I've become a somewhat rampant fan of Tony/Steve) and may just add Hulk and Thor to the list to be fully prepared for The Avengers movie, which will either be 4-star good or dreadfully awful. Though how anything by Joss Whedon could be bad, I don't know...
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Someone actually wrote a long, involved article-thesis-thing on how coming "out" as a mutant was mirroring modern day outings of homosexuality. It was this detailed analysis - pretty interesting stuff. And the actors even talk about how the characters are in love/need each other. I think especially James McAvoy (Professor X).

I watched for the Erik/Charles too, and there is some amazing fanfiction for the pairing. The kiss between Charles and the CIA Agent (Moira?) is homage to the comics - for awhile they are together - engaged, even.
I've seen the whole mutant thesis. And can agree with it. I just think that, movie-wise, it was pretty out-of-no-where for a kiss. Kinda like in Thor where one minute Thor and Jane are barely past the whole "I think I like this person" stage and the next they're declaring their undying love...

But movies. Eh.
Yeah, they didn't do a good job with build-up - the movie focused too much on Charles and Erik to do justice to Charles and Moira *nod*

~But what can you expect.
Eh. I'd have been happier without it, but what can you do? If I can't even remember the chick's name at the end of the movie, she shouldn't have been in it.

I'm now attempting to work on version #612 of part 6 of "Socii" between reading XFC fanfic. It's not going so well, and I may have to pound my head against something to acheive anything readable ever again.
If I can't even remember the chick's name at the end of the movie, she shouldn't have been in it.

That's a rule of thumb every movie should follow.

I'm sure even your worst fics are better than my best - I don't think it's quite necessary to pound your head against something to achieve readability.
You're right. Chocolate coma would be better. Now if only we had chocolate... but I'm not driving back to work just to satisfy that craving, so...

I've got to tell you, working at a grocery store is a pavlovian excersise in food desensitation. Though the sale on Oreos this week has been very trying.
You should stock up on chocolate and have a stash just in case it's ever necessary ;)

I imagine working in the grocery store is like working at McDonalds - it means less interest in the food sold.
Exactly. Though, unfortunately, chocolate and diets don't go well together. I can have some every now and then... but there are some intense cravings sometimes.

Le sigh.
Loki is the best part about Thor. If you saw the Hulk series from the 70s, the Hulk movie with Ed Norton. The fun part is finding the parts that pay homage to the series.
I've seen Thor a couple of times - I like it, but wasn't thrilled - and couldn't get more than 10 min into The Hulk without turning it off. Twice. Rewatched Iron Man - and loved it as always - and managed to find redeeming points even in Captain America.
But, since writing this, I've kinda fallen in love with XFC. Enough to try - and hate - the other Xmen movies. And obsessively read the fanfiction. For a superhero movie, it's surprisingly good, and, so long as the sequel doesn't turn out like Iron Man 2, I'll be happy.