The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #17

It probably says something about the state of my RL right now that I've not even been able to post how my almost-contract signing went. But, between the current job and the new job and the parents moving house, things have been crazy.

Well, first things first: the new job I've been going on about? It's the Navy. Specficially, it's a job as a Nuclear ET in the Navy, which is about as cool as you can get without being an officer. There's been some run around because, well, there's a weight limit and, while I've never exactly been heavy, I've never exactly been fit either, and then there's the whole paperwork of proving I'm smart enough to do the job. Tuesday I did the last of it, and now all I have to do is wait for the 180 day mark after my surgery so I can sign the contract. That's March 13th, my brother's birthday, and I'm estactic beyond all belief. I'd have prefered to have the contract already signed... but it's a done deal, and the waiting's just a formality at this point.

I've been holding off on talking about it until things finalized, but it's nearly a done deal now. Plus, if I want to, there's an 80% chance I can be sent to become an officer afer I finish A School (the school that comes after basic training) and, they're in the process of allowing females to serve on subs... so by the time I finish my training things should be beyond amazing.

But, secondly, work's been having me, well, work every spare hour they can. At first I thought it was karma giving me a kick in the pants, but, in reality, the store busted up an honest to God coupon crime ring amongst our cashiers, meaning that so far 13 of the 15 we had have been fired. Seriously, they've been pulling in extra cashiers from all the stores in a 40 mile radius to fill in the spots. I don't know too many details, only that they have to pay the money back (some of them up to $4000) and there are felony charges in the offering. The upshot of this is that I've been having to work all sorts of hours because I am, apparently the store's gopher, which I really don't mind, except for the fact that they've changed my schedule so many times my head spins just thinking about it, and they keep calling me in early/on my days off. Yesterday I ended up working 11 hours straight, no lunch or anything, simply because I didn't have a change to breathe. And today I was supposed to be off, and then supposed to work 2 hours to finish up something for someone, and next thing I know it's 6 hours later and I'm getting off of work by the skin of my teeth.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't mind hard work. I don't mind picking up other people's slack - even if it annoys me. But I've not had a day off now in ages, have tonnes of housework to do, have my dad PO'ed at me because I have to work when I was supposed to be helping him with the move, and I just want to quit because I have the whole Navy thing lined up, but am waiting until closer to the date to save up money....

Needless to say, life is crazy.
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You new job sounds *fascinating* And it's so cool that you could be sent to become an officer.

A...a coupon crime ring. Wow. What even is life?
:) Thanks!

Apparently they kept the "really really good" coupons back fromt he customers and used them over and over again, overriding the system and what not, to get exceptional deals on products. I don't know any real details, only that it's the largest mass firing from our grocery chain in a while - even counting the District Manager last month firing the entire stock crew of a nearby store for no clearly defined reason.

Life. You can't make this stuff up.

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You're welcome :D

Wow, that's pretty crazy. It's almost unbelievable.

You really can't make this kind of stuff up.
Cashiering on Super Bowl Sunday is a madness only aproached by Christmas and Thanksgiving, only worse because we were short staffed.

In other exciting news, I came home to find both parents had come home for the workweek, and me without any time to clean and whatnot because of work. Dad was not happy. Or, at least, not pleased.
God, I can only imagine how chaotic it must have been.

"...and me without any time to clean and whatnot because of work."

Oops? But maybe if you explained that you had to work and were exhausted, he'd understand?
Er, no. Lack of time means nothing to my father. It should've been done, regardless if it meant I didn't get to sleep that night.

He's taking the furnature up to the new house this weekend. I'm being left with a matress, a folding end table, a papasan chair that's mine anyway, and a TV. There are precisely two sets of dishes in the cabinets, along with a box of raisens, a jar of apple sauce, and assorted, unopened condiments that we must have had extras of. I'm trying not to think of it as not-cleaning punishment, as this was previously The Plan, but it's kinda hard not to.
So you'll be living on your own, then? At least you won't have people getting upset if you don't clean.
yeah. mostly. Dad's been flitting in and out - and making me drive him palaces. Very far away places.