Fan Fic-iversary

3 years ago today I posted the first chapter of my first fan fic, "Someone To Run To," a girl!Harry/Snape fic I started mostly to see if the idea could be done in a way I liked (as is the case, it seems, with most my fic).

That was on Since then, I'm moved here (about 13 months now), and am crossposting on AO3 (for about four months or so). I now have 56 stories, including the HP one; 1 abandoned ST:IX, ME, and ENT respectively; a 7 part Twilight series, and, now, the Ancient!John 'verse. According to, this is just slightly ove 851,000 words.

Life couldn't be more different now than it was then. Then, I'd just lost my job, had to give up the apartment I'd just rented because of this, put down one of my cats, and moved back in with my parents, all within the space of like 3 weeks. Less even. Now I've a job, should be signing a contract for a bigger and better one sometime today/this week (if the guy ever calls me back), and while I still live my paretns, things are actually on the up-and-up. For once.

Hopefully I'll have some fic to celebrate with for you later today, but, for now... go me?
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851,000 words, I am in awe! Congratulations, bb, on both your prolific writing career and the improvement in your life ♥